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Reflections from Beloved Asun on the Mystical I…

Sep 22, 2020 | Reflections by Asun

The Mystical “I”, by Beloved Asun

Jesus knew there would come a time where there would be those who would understand his teachings. Jesus studied the Tree of Life teachings in the ancient Himalayan Mystery School. Jesus knew that a time would come that some of the people of Earth would set aside the teachings of the tree of knowledge of good and evil – set that side and take up the teachings of the Tree of Life.

It is in these teachings that offers you the purity and such mighty spiritual truths such as what Mother Akasha has been presenting to you. In these series of meditations that have come forth and as each of  you embrace those meditations, as you arrive in that moment in deep silence where there is no further thought on your part – you enter the silence.

What is in a Name – A Rose by any other Name will Smell just as Sweet

Whether you are feeling it directly or not – once you are in the silence, you are making contact with your own God Divinity. There are many who have spoken of this Divinity ad have approached that Divine Nature giving it different names. The Master Germain referred to this inner God Self as the “Magic Presence”. Master Jesus in his time on the Earth referred to it as “the Father within”. Mother Akasha refers to this as “the indwelling Presence”, as the “Infinite Individualized Presence of God” – an inner “I”, the “only begotten”. A pure God being individualized of the Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father.

It is through the Tree of Life that there is a state of Consciousness that can be achieved where duality cannot touch you and you begin to live in a new consciousness. A higher consciousness, the Christ Consciousness. It is in this consciousness that the inner God Presence within each of you – deep within your inner consciousness is breaking through, feeding your mental, physical and feeling side of life with a new vibration. A vibration from the Inner God Consciousness that lifts and raises substance – your minds, your bodies, your feeling side of life and ultimately your world, where the things in your outer world – diseases and limitations no longer touch you.

For this reason when Jesus was speaking of those who would come after him, he referred to those who would seek the highest truths as the “Untouchables”. This day I Asun greet the Untouchable Presence of God that is growing within each of you.

Today through meditation and other times only a few brief moments you turn inwards and upwards maintaining your strong connection with your own individualized God Presence that has always been deep within your consciousness, you are connecting with your Higher Self, your Mighty I Am Presence, the Angels, the Ascended Masters, you are offering yourself up to be filled – overflowing – for the shadowless light ad as you continue to connect inwardly, dear hearts, your own Life Force, your own energy, as you make contact with the Inner Presence within you, your own energy, your own Life Force is nurturing that God Presence within. That it may grow full God Stature and begin to surface and express through each of you.

It is the silence of your meditations that is the most precious part. Mother has taught you to approach the silence with 5-10 minutes of communing inwardly with your God Nature and reminding yourself of mighty truths.

Today you know that you use the word “I” in your daily life – “I am going to the store.” “I am doing this or that.” Yet you understand there is another “I” a deeper “I”, the real “I” a mystical “I” that has long been abided within each of you knocking upon the outer door of your outer consciousness. As each of you make contact with this Inner “I”, realize its radiation, its inner substance, its illumination is yet building within each of you.

I urge you, precious hearts, at this time in your spiritual growth that you will never use the word, the mystical “I” – publicly. For this inner “I” is still growing within you and must remain the most sacred and secret word in your entire life experience. Keep this Inner “I”, lift it up inside your own being.

True Prayer a Communion with your Inner God Self

Realize that the miracle of prayer is that within the deep silence of your meditation that the Word and the Spirit of God could come upon you. That true prayer as Mother Akasha has stated is not going to God asking for this and that rather recognizing that as each of you achieve a deeper meditation and a deeper silence you are arriving at an actual communion with your inner God Self and sometimes your inner God Self speaks volumes in what you experience is the deep silence

This inner communion of achieving the silence in meditation you actually, your are actually coming into the experience of tabernacling with the Spirit of God and then it is possible to have an inner conversation with God to receive beautiful and inspiring impartations from God the inner God Presence within you. Occasionally it may come as a word an audible voice or an inner thought of truth. Sometimes God is experienced in the meditation more simply of the awareness of inner presence. An awareness that there is within you a flow between you and God, an incoming and an outgoing, a turning and a returning, a sweetness, a gentleness, a peacefulness. Sometimes that inner silence it transcends all words and thoughts and eventually in that silence the human personal sense of self completely disappears and there is nothing left but God. It is that sense capital “S” – Self that has no finite or corporal limitation. it is a pure state of being.

Seek the Word of God in the Holy Silence… for When God Speaks

I Asun would like to remind you that sometimes, you just do not feel like speaking words. You have spoken so many and you might have a moment in which you feel fatigued of speaking words after all, how many times have you spoken, and nothing has happened. Nothing ever happens when as human beings you speak and yes there will be those occasional moments where you become weary of speaking words. Yes, you say to the storm “Cease!” and the thunder and lightning pays no attention to you. They keep on rolling and flashing. You say to waves “Cease!” but the waves roll on, often with accelerated force. You have all spoken words that on many occasions nothing seems to happen.

But what happens when God speaks the Word? Let there Be Light…and there was Light.

So, in your meditations VALUE to be quiet enough inside and be sufficiently receptive to let God say the Word to YOU. That word may come to you as a deep breath, as an inner rhythm, a presence you can feel energetic vibrationally, a presence that inhales such a sense of peace.

Rush not for the Word of God to speak through you. Seek the Word of God in the Holy Silence that its radiance, its illumination may take command of your minds, the substance of your bodies, your hearts and your feelings and begin a transformation and transmutation process in your outer self. During that transformation process the human sense of self that is duality begins to melt away. The very substance of which your body is composed of takes on a finer substance, a radiation of energy that can no longer be touched by the things of the world.

Know ye beloved heart, that the time will come when this great Mystical “I” that you are making contact within in your meditations that it will so surface in you and through you. It will make of your bodies its own instrument, its own temple – this is the resurrection.

God Speaking Through You and To You…

Let us reflect on some of the words this inner “I” spoke through the Master Jesus as he walked upon the earth some 2000 years ago. As we reflect upon these holy words, let us reflect that ye may not yet audibly be hearing them yet in the deep inner golden silence – God is speaking these words to YOU. That one day, God may speak these words THROUGH you.

Some of those words may be…

I AM the Light of the World – whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the Light of Life!

I AM the Way the Truth and the Life – no comes to the Father, to the Mother except through ME the Divine I AM that abides within each one. For I AM the Way the Truth and the Light.

I AM the Light of God that never Fails. I AM the Love of God that always fulfils.

I AM the Resurrection and the Life.

I AM an Open Door into the Light that no man can shut.

I and the Heavenly Father, and the Heavenly Mother are One.

I and the Inner Presence are ONE.

Yes, in this truth… I AM – THAT – I AM

He or she that Seeth me one day Seeth the Father, the Mother – for I and the Father and the Mother are One.

For I AM that I AM this is the Inner Truth of my Beingness that Waits to be realized, Waits to be actualized as I continue to spiritually grow.

For the truth is regarding the I AM that I AM before Abraham was – I AM.

I AM Come a Lantern of Light to a world that is sick.

I AM an Open Door into the Light for all who shall receive me.

I say to the outer self of each of you….I stand at the door of your outer consciousness a Lantern of Light.

Behold I stand at YOUR consciousness now and as you dedicate yourself to ME your own Inner “I” I will let you in and I will give you my Kingdome

Behold Beloved Hearts – I have been knocking upon the door of your outer consciousness for some time and to all that hear me and opens that door to My Presence they shall not perish but will have everlasting Life.

So I Asun say unto each of you – Seek ye this Inner Kingdom of God that abides within your own inner consciousness and all things shall be added unto you and all that is of the world shall be taken away and no longer touch you.

Verily I say unto you…I AM the door and when you enter MY Kingdom that has always been hidden deep within your own inner consciousness available to you through meditation and contemplation

The Great Inner “I”, the capital “S” – Self, the Grand God Self, that is the truth of each of you. Upon greeting this God Self daily – its radiance, its vibration, its consciousness, will rush more and more through your multi-body system and one day shall express itself.

For I AM the true Vine, and you are the branches and if your outer self remain in me and I in you, together we shall bring forth much truth we shall bring forth much fruit. For the truth is – that the outer self without “I” can do no thing.

Do not keep the little children of the world from me. Do not keep those who have found their innocence and shed the false lies of guilt. Do not let these ones be kept away from me. Let the return to My Presence.

I have said to you –

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and all your mind. Love thy neighbour as thyself.

Love your enemies

Bless them that curse you.

Do good to them that hate you.

Pray for them that spitefully use you and prosecute you.

These things I have said through Master Jesus. These things I shall express and say to you.

Remember, no one knows the hour in which “I” the Mystical “I” becomes fully resurrected in you and through you.

Continue to remember in everything do unto others as you would have them do unto you. For this is the ancient law of the prophets.

Ask and the Great God Presence within you and it shall be given.

Seek and ye shall find.

Knock and the door will open unto you.

For everyone that asketh shall receiveth and those that seeketh, findeth, to those that knocketh it shall be opened.

When I said “be ye like little children” come as a child I am asking that you shed all sense of guilt, all sense of shame for these are false appearances that offend my Life that has always been within you. Therefore, come to me as you meditate upon me – come to me in your innocence.

This is the narrow gate that I spoke of…come to me in your innocence and be still and know that I in you am God. Remember the promise know that I am with you always – closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet and I will never leave you or forsake you.

Come in your meditation unto me and I will give you rest. The last enemy – the untouchables – shall overcome is death.

Be of good cheer for I in the midst of Jesus overcame the world and I in the midst of each of you shall overcome the storms of this world. Be in the world but not of it. For my presence in these days is increasing in each of you. The Frail human side of duality is lessening this is good!

Beloved Roses, Beloved Hearts, I Asun shall initiate a” 30-minute meditation”, every Sunday at 2 p.m. pacific time. During this time, every Sunday for 30 minutes shall meditate upon the Great God Presence within each of you. That, that God Presence may be liberated and come forth. So if you care to join Asun every Sunday at 2 p.m. Pacific Time and if You will meditate upon God within you and know that I Asun – I am meditating upon the Great God Presence within each of you. If you would like to join me – you are most welcomed.