Academy Musicians

Music is a very important component of the Radiant Rose Academy. In the Ascended Master Teachings, we meet Beloved Melody, who is the Goddess of Music, one of the thirteen Goddesses of our System of Worlds. Together with Her Legions of Angels, She creates and oversees the Universal Music of the Celestial Spheres. Harmonic Music is a Mighty Cohesive Force of our Universe.

So too, is the Music of the Celestial Spheres a Mighty Force of Love upon our Heart and Soul, while liberating our minds back into States of Higher Consciousness. The Radiant Rose Academy is blest to offer the Music of Composers and Musicians who have touched the lives of our Students with such Beauty and Inspiration.

In this Section, we introduce you to the music of Paul Armitage, Denise Hagan, Isaiah Ben Emanuel, Kemi Nahal, Magic Moreno, Judy Armstrong, Omashar, and Leonard EagleCloud who have graced many of our events with their music. Their inspirational music has uplifted the lives of many Students. Music Sampler Videos are provided in each of their pages here. The Academy also presents the music of Kathleen from Montreal, and Stephen Petch from the UK, who have graced our Weekend Events and Conclaves with their beautiful voices and songs.