Mother Akasha & Papa Asun

The Radiant Rose Academy is pleased to introduce our main Ascended Master Teachers, Beloved Akasha and Asun. They are Twin Flames who come from the Great Central Sun of our Universe to serve as loving Guides and Mentors on our path of remembering who we truly are.

As our main Ascended Master Teachers, Akasha and Asun have designed a curriculum for RRA students that offers a path of Personal Empowerment and Spiritual Enlightenment, as well as answers to some of the bigger questions, such as: “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “Where did I come from?” and “Have I been here before?” They speak at length into matters of Destiny, Higher Purpose, Divine Plan, and how to free ourselves from the seeming limitations of our world.

The RRA curriculum includes Mother Akasha’s Tree of Life Class, Father Asun’s Living the Dream Class, the Masters Class and the Planetary Class, both of which are led by different members of the Ascended Host, as requested by Mother Akasha. Also included in Akasha and Asun’s curriculum are focused programs taught during Weekend Events, Conclaves, and Covenants.

Akasha and Asun’s teachings offer what has often been referred to as “The Lost Knowledge” – information that was formerly taught in the Ancient Mystery Schools of Inner Wisdom that once existed in remote locations on the planet.

This “Lost Knowledge” includes how to attain and express a Higher Consciousness that is free of limiting beliefs and hardened emotions, how to Resurrect our physical bodies, and the process of Ascension. These precious teachings remind us that we are, in Truth, Immortal Creator Beings with an ability to cooperate with the Greater Powers of the Universe to demonstrate The Laws of Manifestation, The Law of Momentum, the Laws of Attention in ways that greatly enhance and transform our lives.

Become Sovereign Beings

The Purpose of Akasha and Asun’s Presence with us is to assist students to become Sovereign Beings once again, and to help us to restore our own Hearts and Minds so that we can express greater joy, happiness, health, abundance, fulfillment, and perfection.

Come and meet Akasha and Asun. They can change your lives!