Mother Akasha

Mother Akasha comes to us as all the Elements we might associate with as Divine Love. Rather than offering us human love in all its frailties that too often includes hurts, wounds, and a broken heart, Akasha reveals to us a Love that is greater, a Love that is so Heavenly Divine, a Love that is capable of nurturing and fulfilling all that our beautiful minds dare to conceive.

With a Love that has inherent within it the Power of Healing and Restoration, Mother Akasha reveals in Her Messages and Presence, a Divine Love that is fully charged with the Heavenly Mother’s Presence, a Love that carries the Qualities of Divine Will and Grace.

Her Teachings are profound as she shows us how to heal our hearts, and how to create a Mighty Spiritual Centre in our hearts that begins to glow an Inner Light that feeds our minds and bodies with new life.
Unlike any Teacher on Earth, Akasha reveals to us the Nature of our Soul, the Door to Everything that becomes a source of Genius acting in our lives. She explains that until a person fully awakens and actualizes their Divinity, the Door to our Soul is closed, and that this is the present condition of the human race.

Akasha reveals the Mystery of those mighty words ‘I AM that I AM’ and how to once again connect with our true Spiritual Self, releasing Its Power of Perfection into our daily lives. She talks about the significance of the Flower of Life Blueprint, the Sacred Fire, the Power of Divine Attraction, the Akashic Force, as She introduces us to Cosmic Beings of our Spiritual Hierarchy who long have waited to assist us.

Mother Akasha carries an air of Beauty, Elegance, and Grace as She reveals the hidden Power and Will within our feeling side of life. Akasha offers the reunion of our thoughts and feelings so that our hearts and minds are working together to fulfill all that we desire and require. Come and meet Mother Akasha. She has the Power to change your life for the better!

Mother Akasha is our Teacher for the weekly Tree of Life Class, and well, we feel that She is just the Best Ever!