Papa Asun

Beloved Asun comes to us as all the Elements we might associate with as Cosmic Light, Divine Mind, and Higher Consciousness. As a Master Teacher, Asun reveals to us how our present minds, our mental bodies, are not ideal for expressing our Divine Consciousness.

In just the same way that our hearts can once again be Generators of a Greater Love, Asun shows us how our minds can become instruments for the Cosmic Light of our Spiritual Nature and Higher Consciousness to express. He shows us how to liberate our minds from negative thinking, as He teaches us the rightful purpose of our Ego and Intellect.

Asun shows us how our minds have registered negative and positive thoughts, images, and the words we speak, and how this has interfered with our Consciousness to express Its Perfection through the minds we use each day. He explains how our true State of Consciousness is much greater than our present day minds are expressing, and therefore He is dedicated to help us purify and free our minds so that the Cosmic Light and Divine Ideas of our Consciousness can find expression and fulfillment in the lives we live.

Asun speaks into Right Use of Mind, the Power of Qualification, the Power of Intention, and ways we can fill our minds with the Greater Light of our Divinity, and how to once again achieve a Peaceful and Beautiful Mind capable of conceiving all that we dare to dream.

Asun works closely with Mother Akasha and other Masters to help us build a balanced connection between our minds and hearts, so that our thoughts and feelings, and the power of imagery, are cooperating with the Laws of Creation and Manifestation, thus each of us have once again the ability to create lives of greater Mastery, Freedom, and Fulfillment.

Carrying the Energy of a Fatherly Presence, the Glory of Asun’s Light is amazing in the way He deeply touches our lives. He is determined to cut through all the lies we have told ourselves, cut through all the attitudes and beliefs that are limiting our lives, so that we can create all that we desire and require. Asun has the discernment and wisdom to see how we are limiting ourselves and He is determined to help each of us be free from all obstacles. His loving and compassionate Presence is often accompanied with a great sense of humor. Come and meet Beloved Asun. He has the Power to change your life for the better! Often times, Students will refer to him as Papa Asun.

Master Asun is our Teacher in the monthly Living the Dream class, and we just love his sense of humour and willingness to really help us with everything we are facing in our daily lives.