In complete and total surrender Excalibur delivers the life changing messages,  presence and healing of the Ascended Mother Akasha and Lord Asun, and others of the Ascended Host. Their message reveals the presence of a master teacher, a miracle consciousness, a higher power and force They suggest is found within each of us, waiting to be realized and expressed.2

The Ascended Master Asun has been training Excalibur in his last 3 embodiments to become their Messenger. The Masters communicate with us through the Messenger’s Higher Christ Mind.

The Power of Invocation and Command we experience with our Messenger Excalibur, as he communes with Ascended Beings, Angels, and the Sacred Fire is indeed a miracle to behold.

The discourses Excalibur and Usa bring forth truly inspire many people from around the world in their ‘Passage to Enlightenment’. They each deliver a profound healing presence that sensitizes each of us to awaken to truth, heal ourselves, and move forward in life with a new feeling of ease, meaning and grace in our personal lives. Excalibur’s presence provides a living testimony to His Guided Meditations into the Garden of our Consciousness, where deep transformation is possible. His Transmissions of the Ascended Masters carry and deliver the Masters Presence and Messages with such purity and certainty.

Excalibur grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan, Canada. His parents enrolled him in hockey at a very young age of 5 years old, and he went on to play in Junior Hockey after High School. The enormous physical endurance that is required to play hockey well prepared his physical garment in transmitting the Ascended Master’s Presence and Frequencies of Light and Love.

Excalibur’s  Invocation

 “Mighty Individualized Presence of God, Beloved I AM”

I Call unto Thee with the most intense love of my heart and ask Thee to blaze the Mightiest Concentration of the Ascended Masters Sacred Fire Presence in, through and around my entire being and world; Send forth such a surge of this Almighty Perfection to every blessed heart around the world and those precious hearts that have discovered Mother Akasha’s Dispensation of the Rose Pink Flames and Rays of Divine Love, Will and Grace! Enfold them right now this instant and forever!

Great God Presence within every heart, awaken thy Glorious Splendor of Perfection into Cosmic Action through the physical Temples thou hast entered into and reveal the Mastery of Life upon this Earth as it in the Ascended Masters’ Octave of Light! Blazing forth the Eternal Victory of the “Infinite I AM God Presence” throughout all Creation and holding all in Perfect Divine Harmony and Balance forever!

Unto thine own “Presence” all must bow in Loving Obedience for the Gift of Life, for every Blessing, for every so-called Miracle that is but the Natural Way of Life. May each one send forth endless waves of Adoration and Gratitude unto Thee, Oh Mighty Christ “I AM”! Never Ceasing to Acknowledge, Accept, and Invite Your Almighty Invincible Presence, Power, and Intelligence into Action to the point where Thou art compelled to stand forth in Thy Visible, Tangible “Presence” unto all! Raising each and every one of Thy Instruments into the Eternal Glory of the Light of God that Never Fails! Through the Resurrection and when the Divine Moment is at hand, into the Closing Experience of Earth’s Journey, The ASCENSION!

I Excalibur Bless Thee for Eternity Beloved “I AM”!