Excalibur Messenger #1


In complete and total surrender Usa delivers the life changing messages, presence and healing of the Ascended Mother Akasha and Lord Asun, and others of the Ascended Host. Their message reveals the presence of a master teacher, a miracle consciousness, a higher power and force They suggest is found within each of us, waiting to be realized and expressed.

The Ascended Masters Akasha and Asun have been training Usa in his last 3 embodiments to be their Messenger. The Masters communicate with us through the Messenger’s Higher Christ Mind.


Usa has been delivering the life changing messages, knowledge, and love of Akasha and Asun for over 20 years. Asun assists Usa into his higher consciousness and open to receive the Love, Light, and Wisdom coming through from Akasha and Asun. Apparently the Human Veils were fairly thin in His early years as His path began through his Dream State at an early age. At the age of eight, he began to experience his past life experiences in the dream state. Dreams that were pre-cognitive took place as well. By the time He was twelve years of age, he began to experience dreams of flying. Usa’s full biography is forth coming.

He has been on his Spiritual Life path since the age of 14. His studies began with the Christian Church, then onto Eastern Religious Philosophies and then the ‘Infinite Way’ teachings of Joel Goldsmith, one of America’s foremost Healers and Meta-physicians of the century. In 1985, after years of study and devotion, something wonderful happened. An Ascended Being named Akasha made contact with Usa. Although Usa had been studying on his spiritual path since a teenager, Usa had already entered into the business world in his early twenties. All of that was about to change after his initial contact with Akasha.

As a Spiritual Guide and Messenger for the Radiant Rose Academy, Usa brings forth a unique expression of delivering the messages, love and presence of the Masters. Transmissions from the Ascended Masters Akasha and Asun include life inspiring messages, reminding us of who we are, why we came to the Earth and how to get on with the Journey to our Freedom. Usa came into this world with a strong love for things in the heavens but found little peace or fulfillment in the orthodox world of religion. It is for this reason, in failing to achieve the God Experience in the world of religion that He turned to spirituality and metaphysics.

He began an active communion with the Ascended Masters Akasha and Asun between 1985 and 1988 as he began to receive their direct inner healing and guidance. In 1989 Usa created a number of public meditation groups and gatherings and in 1994 under the guidance of these two Beloved Masters of Light and his Higher Christ Mind, he established The Radiant Rose Academy, an Earthly instrument for Beloved Akasha’s Dispensation of Rose Pink Ray and Flames to the Earth.