What Is The Divine Significance?

What Is The Divine Significance Of Having Your Image In The Regenesis Light Sphere on Mount Shasta?

Father Asun was asked in private audience about the significance of the energy portal in Mount Shasta, “Can a lot more be done for the students of the Academy if their image is held within the Regenesis Light Sphere™?” Lord Asun responded, “ABSOLUTELY! Remember what we have taught all of you. When you are in touch with the image of a thing, you are in touch with the essence of a thing — whether it is a thing or a person. It all hinges of that Truth. So when you have an image of a person you are in touch with the Essence of that person, so that Universal Truth, that great realization is pioneered into the Regenesis Light Sphere™ project.

Continuing, Father Asun expanded, “If you get the image of the students and use this great Universal Truth to allow this Field, this Light Sphere, and all that is within, all its qualifications and charges is that which then through imagery gets in touch with the Essence of the person. If you can get in touch with the core Essence of an individual; then, the great Inner Work, the Great Inner Activity raises up from the inside of them, and that is where the real benefit is.”

Father Asun also stated, “There are great I AM Super Grids, which are like mighty broadcasting stations throughout this Universe. These are Lines of Force both electronic and magnetic in which the electronic Lines of Force are sending forth transmissions, whatever has been qualified, and the great magnetic Lines of Force are attracting Life, a plant form, an individual being, so that the radiation and projections can be absorbed. Next to the Cave of Light in India, the greatest ‘I AM Super Grid’ in North America is within Mt. Shasta.”

Mother Akasha also offered the following information in private audience. “I want you to know if you wish to connect with one grain of sand in the Sahara Desert, if you wish to connect with one snow flake on Mt. Everest, if you wish to connect with a flower in India…..Mt. Shasta is the portal to the entire Powers of Nature, Forces of the Elements, the structural inner platform of the Earth and Earth’s atmosphere. Mt. Shasta is the portal to the underworld of the elemental beings, the elves, fairies, gnomes, dwarfs, unicorns, mermaids, etc.”

As a result of the information provided by Mother Akasha, the following action has been taken for all students who have their image held in the Regenesis Light Sphere™. A specific call has been made on your behalf to Peter of Pan and Prince Eron asking for their assistance and that of the elemental beings, especially the four elves assisting Mother Akasha’s Dispensation to obtain the Essence (morphogenic blueprint) of every plant/flower/herb on the planet that has properties that would purify and cleanse the blood and all the organs and cells of every person’s body who’s image is held within the Regenesis Light Sphere™. Each image holds the unique energy pattern of the person and since it is within the portal of Mt. Shasta, all things on this planet can be accessed. It may be a challenge for most people to get into the energy portal of the Cave of Light in India or the portal in the Royal Tetons, however, you can get into the portal here in Mount Shasta via the Regenesis Light Sphere™ as explained by Mother Akasha and Father Asun.

It is a Universal Truth where you place your attention, there you are in Consciousness and in your Light Body. So by your actions when you have your image placed into the Regenesis Light Sphere™, your Consciousness, your Light Body is there in the Portal of Mount Shasta ~ the second greatest ‘I AM Super Grid’ on the planet. Simply ask to receive all the benefits provided therein for your best and highest purpose and intent, and it is so. I AM That I AM.

Know Your Image Represents Your Rose-Christ Presence’s Temple!

The Rays of the Seven Fold Flames with your image travels through the portal on the side of the mountain that provides the access into the Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple. As you enter inside the Temple you are greeted by the Sacred Geometry Christ Codes and the Flower of Light Blueprints that sustain the Origin of all Life. Your image moves into the crystalline structure at the center of the Regenesis Light Sphere™ where a multitude of different colored Light Rays blend with the Beloved Seven Fold Flames of the Mighty Eloheim, bathing all aspects of your Being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Here you receive the benefits of the Regenesis Light Sphere™ twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, attended by the Great Ones.

Enjoy being bathed in the Light and Love of the Regenesis Light Sphere™. Receive the blessings of Mother Akasha, Father Asun, all the Great Ascended and Angelic Host and Great Cosmic Beings Who over-Light the Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple with Their Blessings and Gifts.

How Do I Access The Regenesis Light Sphere Temple?

You can gain access to the Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple, located within the ‘I AM Super Grid’ Portal of Mount Shasta, by first becoming a Member. Click on the Regenesis Membership link above and then select one of the three membership options. Once you are a member you will receive an email with instructions on where to send your photo for placement into the center of this Temple where a crystalline structure will hold your image. Next, once your image has been placed into the Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple you will receive an email telling you the exact date and time it was placed within this sacred Altar.

God Bless You and God Bless Your Resurrection!