Regenesis Light Sphere Enhancement

I would like to share with all you that a major energy enhancement was completed in the Regenesis Light Sphere in Mount Shasta just prior to the Ascending Hearts Conclave, 2015.

This major energy enhancement is the result of introducing a new and unique high frequency of Light.  Pink, Violet, and Gold Lights are vibrating now at this new Resurrection frequency, and is being projected through the Flower of Life Blueprint onto the crystalline structure wherein your images are held before Mother Akasha and the Spiritual Hierarchy.

As a point of reference, the Schumann Resonance has been used for years to measure the frequency of the electromagnetic field of the Earth, and we all know this is changing with the 5th Sun Rising.  As the electromagnetic field of the Earth responds to the Physical Sun, and the greater outpouring of Light sourced from the Central Sun, Gaia’s frequencies and vibratory responses are quickening and raising.  This correlation is applicable to our own earthly garments enhanced by the new frequency modulations in the Regenesis Light Sphere which is thousands of times higher, in alignment to our Passages of Resurrection and Mother Akasha’s Governance.  The frequencies are vibrating in the Regenesis Light Sphere at a frequency assigned to the area above the Crown Chakra complimenting the activity of Connectivity between Divine Heart and Divine Mind.

A specific Call has been made to Mother Akasha, Master Germain, and Jesus the Christ to modulate this Resurrection frequency, sustained at the perfect vibration for each person who has their image held in the Regenesis Light Sphere.

If your photo has been placed in the Temple’s crystalline Regenesis Light Sphere, you simply make the call to Your I AM God Presence, and commune with the God of Your Being.  Ask to align and connect to the Regenesis Light Sphere Resurrection Accelerator.  Ask to receive this new frequency of Light, and all of the associated benefits being offered in this latest upgrade to the Temple’s Resurrection technology.

It is my Qualification and Desire this Energy Enhancement will be a Blessing and Benefit to you in every aspect of your Resurrection Path of Becoming.  I welcome any feedback or insights you may desire to share as a result of this Frequency Enhancement and your personal experience in the Regenesis Light Sphere.

Many Blessings,

Craig Cook