Regenesis Memberships

Membership in the Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple assists you in your journey to Become all you have come to live in this embodiment – to become the Perfection of the I AM Presence on Earth through your earthly self.  In the Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple your Resurrection Passages are overlighted by Mother Akasha, Father Asun, and all the Ascended and Heavenly Hosts under Mother Akasha’s Heart Flame of Divine Love, Will and Grace.  Mother Akasha has acknowledged the Regenesis Light Sphere™ as a Resurrection Accelerator, and having your image in this Temple will provide you an opportunity to receive the higher vibrational frequencies of Light and Sound generated within this Temple of Light and Love.

Note: Once you become a Member in the Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple, based on selecting one of the three options listed below, you will receive an email with instructions on where to email your photo(s) for placement in the Temple.

Regenesis Monthly Membership

Individual Monthly Membership, with automatic $9.99 monthly payments.

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Regenesis Lifetime Individual Membership

Individual Lifetime Membership – One-Time Purchase.


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Regenesis Lifetime Family Membership

Lifetime Family Membership – One Time Purchase
(Legal Dependents of Same Household)


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