Student Testimonials

I am truly grateful for the Regenesis Light Sphere and have felt much much better, clearer, more capable and more focused since joining, also noticing I am much happier and content, and there is a surety that my journey is always in the right direction and a knowing of all the support that we have.

A significant change I experienced was the letting go of old support systems, they just fell away as if on their own. I was aware of this as it was occurring and was able to go with the flow and let the attachments dissolve. It could be likened to a child outgrowing its toys and putting them away, it was a lovely feeling. I suppose you could say it was ‘a coming of age’ to oneself as the realization/understanding of the I AM God Presence began to manifest and anchor deeper into my beingness and my daily reality.


I felt at the time my image was placed in the crystalline structure (inside the Regenesis Light Sphere Temple) a great feeling of happiness and joy. I felt my heart beating rapidly and it was as though it would explode. This usually happens to me whenever I feel a connection with something. I felt great humility and felt like the presence of Mother Akasha and Master Asun close to me.

Before I went to sleep I asked my Great God Presence to connect me with this Temple of Light. I had a dream that I saw Mount Shasta with the violet hue over it and suddenly I was standing at the base of Mount Shasta gazing at its magnificence.

Next thing I knew I was inside a beautiful room in the same outfit as in the picture I submitted. I was standing in the middle of the circle and there were many beings surrounding me. I only remember the fairies and they surrounded me in the circle and were talking all at once with much joy, happiness and it felt like a celebration. They seemed so excited and I remember just standing smiling but not saying anything. I don’t recall anything they said but there was much excitement.

Next thing I knew I was back in my room and sleeping. It seems that the Beings of the Light were trying to get my attention but I wanted to sleep, so they started to turn the room lights on and off to get my attention. Then they started to put photographs of people on the wall with messages written below the pictures. As I would finish viewing the pictures and reading the messages, they would put up new photographs and messages. I remember taking my camera and trying to capture the pictures and messages. I don’t recall who the people were or what the messages were. I felt in the dream that these beautiful beings were from the Ascended and Angelic realm.


A student of the Academy asked ASUN in private audience about the Regenesis Light Sphere. “When my image was placed into the Regenesis Light Sphere at approximately the same time I experienced a great outpouring of love and it continued for about 1-1/2 hours. Was there a relationship between these two events and what was the cause of this?

ASUN’s response, “Absolutely — the relationship is 100%. There is a real relationship unfolding with the Regenesis creations of unified states of consciousness, the individual I AM, the impersonal I AM, the crystal kingdom and new energy systems, and as your image and Presence was projected into that, a whole outpouring of love from the inner core of your being unfolded and that reveals the dynamics of the new states of consciousness of harmony, AH HA’s and epiphanies that’s going to unfold in living the new I AM paradigm. So welcome more and more of it.”


I went into the silence and the energy (from Regenesis Light Sphere) started coming in and my whole body lit up tingling like it has never done in my whole life. The cells of my body were like on fire and the sacred fire came in and around me and the flames were flickering on every inch of my skin and right about 10:00 PM (time placed in RLS) this great big shaft of pink light consumed the entire room.

As soon as that happened I looked at the window and here came these five beautiful little fairies, and they were babbling, squealing…it is like they had been waiting 5 million years to be able to talk with me. They were just bursting with communication, all five of them along the right side of my face. I can hear their language translated into English and I could hear what they were talking about and I told them to slow down. They said “Come with us.” The fairies grabbed onto my energy field and took me out of my body, and this is only the third time this has happened in my lifetime.

They took me to the side of the mountain, and I watched a portal open up and they took me down to Pan. So there I was standing in front of Wendy and Peter. The fairies told me they have been waiting to communicate with me for a very long time and that the technology field, (Regenesis Light Sphere) the crystalline matrix/essence of the energy field I was now encapsulated in, made it safe for the fairies to communicate and come to me. They said that they would now be coming to me and sharing information. These five fairies are now with me full time.

I came back into my bed and in no more than two seconds I shoot up out of my body again and go to the Royal Tetons onto a flat platform, and then from out of the mountain walks Master Lanto. He opens a door and takes me down a corridor and into a chamber where in the middle of the room on a crystalline platform is an ascension accelerator chair. He said, “stand here and see how you feel”. He then said, “take a few steps up and sit in the chair and tell me how you feel”. I said, “the energy feels the same, but it feels stronger in the chair”. He was smiling and said, “now come and stand here again on the floor and tell me how you feel”. I said, “the energy feels the same, but not as strong”, and he said, “exactly”.  Lord Lanto said, “The field you are now in (Regenesis Light Sphere) is an ascension field.” I said, “really”, and he responded, “Yes it is.”

I also have had a condition since I was young called endometriosis. The (Regenesis Light Sphere) energy came into that condition and I heard a pop, and it was all dissolved. My hip was also crushed as a child and it was not positioned in the socket right, however, after being in the Regenesis Light Sphere the hip has slid back into place and the pain is gone.


Another student of the Academy had the following experience. “I distinctly remembered the exact moment that my image must have been loaded into the Regenesis Light Sphere because what would have been that exact time ……I remember so well because as if by magic….I found myself totally transfixed, yes totally stilled by a great silence that came upon me, even though I was with a friend of mine in a noisy downtown & the next moment found myself looking up at a nearby tree at the light casting its rays through the leaves & a gentle breeze…..Oh my…it feels like the Song of my Heart is singing out to the world…it feels like I am encapsulated in an impenetrable cocoon of the Great Sparkling Light & Love that it is, and then everything stopped and I was totally still. It reminded me of the accelerator chair in the Royal Tetons described in the I AM Green Book. It was working on every level of my being, physical, mental and feeling side. It was profound!


“Last night in the dream state, I was “plugged in” – my garment felt like it was lit up and it stayed that way for oh, seemed like 30 seconds and then gradually settled down. I do not recall the dream but know it was directly linked to the Regenesis Light Sphere.”


This student’s image was placed into the Regenesis Light Sphere at 2:00 PM. “The timing of putting our images into the chamber was perfect – as are all things when left to Divine Right Timing. I had a big awakening last week with my understanding of human vs God Consciousness and it led to a real lightness of Being for a day that then swung the other way and I have had a very heavy feeling sitting in me since then. It feels almost like some sort of last brave stand that the old consciousness was holding up. I was just watching it in a very detached way but was not really able to shift it much. As a blessing the heaviness of it made me be even more present to my Presence …. so I saw it as a gift.

I was out walking in the forest today between 1:30 PM and 2:30 PM and pretty much just after 2:00 PM I noticed that this heavy feeling just simply wafted away like a cloud would do in the wind revealing the Sun behind it. There is no doubt in my mind that this is due to my being entered into the (Regenesis Light Sphere) chamber. It’s been over 5 hours now since that moment and I can quite honestly say I have not felt this Lightness of Being in a very long time. I have not had a bad thought or feeling this whole time about anybody or anything! Everything feels so easy and graceful and I am quite confident it will continue!!

What a treasure and gift this Sphere is to Life. I don’t know where to start thanking you for this incredible treasure. Simply thank you, thank you, thank you. May God eternally bless you with ever-new Joy every day of your precious life!


“Well to describe my experience….it has felt for all of my spiritual journey so far that I could hear all the teachings and the spiritual truths and could “know” intellectually that they were absolutely true and from time to time would seem to get my head above all the clouds of the human emotion and density to peak up at the sun and go wow there you are! But then to find myself not one day later back in the dense fog of emotional highs and lows and wondering if it will ever end.

I would then rally myself again, stay firm to my spiritual practice and would feel some heartening improvement but there was always an undercurrent of struggle, like some silent battle was being waged against an unseen enemy. It was exhausting.

Well that has just disappeared. Overnight a lightness of being came over me that I have not felt in my whole life. It was as if I just stepped out of the fog and watched the dense clouds float off without me. I finally evaded the enemy radar!

I have a deep sense that I am completely whole and perfect and there is nothing that I lack and no negative thought is able to interject in my mind and tell me otherwise. I have this bubbling laughter that just wants to express itself. The last time I remember getting the giggles like this was as a school girl.

What is really beautiful to see is that our son has also been deeply affected by his entry into the Regenesis Light Sphere. We have had real concerns about him as he is so emotional sensitive and has seemed to have taken the cares of the world on his shoulders at times. He has often seemed to be battling with heavy, turbulent emotions but suddenly he is just full of light. He bounces around everywhere, full of joy and fun and just has to hug everyone.

The other day he insisted on leading us in multiple rounds of the Sacred Fire, followed by the White Fire Flames decreeing at the top of his voice when usually he keeps very quiet and doesn’t even join in! He is just opening like a flower. Bless you for this marvelous gift to life and to this family. God’s Grace to you in all days forward.”


“Because I has having dietary problems I went to this doctor and he put me on all this alternative medicine, but it made me extremely ill, so ill that I didn’t think I would be able to travel and participate again. (RRA events) I was having trouble in my lungs and several places and I was having pains in my muscles. Then I had my picture taken and placed in the Regenesis Light Sphere and the next thing I know I am getting well, feeling good. I don’t have these problems any more.


I was in the countryside with friends that night, and I heard, “We are the Brotherhood of Love and Light.” The two dogs came immediately to surround me for 20 minutes. It seemed that something was behind me. I felt a warm energy surrounding me. Then I knew that I was connected to the Regenesis Light Sphere.


First, I thank your Great God Presence for this service to life and the awakening of my family and my resurrection. With that said, I felt a surge of energy, like an electric shock of sorts at 1:42pm PST. The sensation went down the left half of my physical temple. Inherently I knew something was happening. I had the feeling to look at the clock and I knew without a doubt it was in direct correlation to entering into the Mt. Shasta Light Temple. Two minutes later I received a confirmation my image was entered into the Light Temple. What a feeling! Beautiful indeed.


I felt it immediately soon as it happened! It was 10:43 AM and I was sitting with a client in my office. I had an unusually difficult Sunday and Sunday night (where I basically didn’t sleep) and was processing difficult emotions — the way I used to do so it was strange to be in it again and I suddenly felt better — less feeling, more confidence and cleared in some kind of way! Isn’t that great…. and I am so grateful!!


One day I was working in my garden and I had a friend who was helping me. I had been trying to figure out how I would get a picture of myself for the Regenesis Light Sphere because I had wanted to sign up for this amazing program. I asked my friend if she would take a picture of me. I was wearing a flannel light blue and white plaid shirt, three quarters pant length and a pair of sandals. She said yes so I grabbed my little camera and stood in front of my Shrine of the Presence which is in my garden. I loved the picture so I enrolled in the program. A few weeks later, I was dragging my feet and I felt low energy. I put on the flannel blue and white shirt and I felt electrified. I was astounded. I realized the shirt held the energy of the Regenesis Light Sphere. That energy stayed with me. Now every time I put on the shirt I still feel that incredible energy. Needless to say it is my favorite shirt.