Meditation Sanctuary

The Power of Meditation

The Ascended Host teach us the importance of meditation, the power of our attention when placed on the Highest Spiritual Centres of our Earthly Embodiment in awakening the sleeping splendor that abides within each of us and activating those Spiritual Centres for the raising of our minds, bodies, feelings, and world into the highest vibration of Light and Love in the Unfolding Activities of the Sacred Fire.

As you may know, there are many kinds of meditations and ones that we have found most useful are ones that begin with prayer and invocation that ultimately guide us into a place of inner silence where the Invisible Spiritual Presence within and above can then begin to do Its great work in raising us into the fullness of our Great God Nature on Earth.

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A Message from Usa on “The Art of Meditation” Available here in PDF format.

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The Ascended Master Consciousness Monthly Meditations

It is our honor to respond to our Beloved Akasha & Asun’s request that we meditate once a day to receive the Ascended Masters Consciousness, Cosmic Light, Sacred Fire, Record of Their Attainment and Ascension, as a mighty outpouring of Their Presence into our hearts, minds, brain, central nervous system, our entire physical bodies.

They ask us to remain perfectly still for 10 minutes and to be conscious that the Master of the month we are meditating on will come to each of us and pour His/Her Cosmic Light Substance into us carrying Their Ascended Qualities into ourselves as a Cosmic Blessing to assist us to our own greater freedom, service to Light, and our ascension at the end of our Life Journey on Earth.

We are asked to meditate and to receive the blessings of the following Ascended Masters and to stay with the same Master each month until the next month. As a whole group of us meditate on the same Ascended Master, Their outpouring of Their Light increases to each of us. This year’s Ascended Master Monthly Meditations are:

January – Master Great Germain
February – Mary Magdalene
March – Lord Maitreya
April – Lady Nada
May – Lord Kuthumi
June – Goddess of Light
July – Lord El Morya
August – Beloved Mother Mary
September – Lord Melchizedek
October – Queen of Light
November – Goddess Virgo
December – Beloved Victorious Christ