Sacred FIre

The Sacred Fire

Of the Divine Spectrum of Cosmic Light and Sacred Fire, the Cosmic Blue Flame and Cosmic Blue Ray is the First Flame/Ray. It is sometimes referred to as the Flame and Ray of Power and Purity because of Its powerful ability to purify and transmute substance into a higher vibrational form.

The Sacred Flame/Rays are produced by The ‘Individualized Christ I AM Presence’, sometimes referred to as your Higher or Real Self, and is also produced by Angels, Ascended Masters, Great Cosmic Beings and of course The ‘Infinite Mighty I AM Presence’ Mother/Father God from out the Great Central Sun at the Centre of the Universe. The Masters advise us that by Cosmic Intervention we have now entered into the ‘Sacred Fire Age’ for the next 10,000 years ushering in the purity that will bring about the Seventh Golden Age upon our Beloved Earth.

The Beloved Ascended Master El Morya, Archangel Michael and Jesus the Christ, and others of the Ascended Host will project the Sacred Fire to the Earth when they are called upon to do so. The Mighty Elohim of Purity and the Mighty Elohim Hercules also project the Sacred Fire which takes on varying shades of Blue, Violet, Indigo, and Gold depending upon the Purification and Healing required and we can include them when we enter into our daily calls to the Sacred Fire. The great action of these Sacred Fire Purification and Healing Flames really is our Freedom. These Flames are the action of Love, Purity and Power as they pass through our feeling, mental, physical, and etheric bodies, our entire being, and consciousness. As we call upon the Purifying and Healing Flames to dissolve every mistake we have ever made, past, present, and future, this is the end of karmic conditions. These Flames when called into action can purify and erase the mistakes of the past, even past lifetimes, thus freeing us of the karmic law of balancing those mistakes through suffering or other means.

When we use the word Calls to the ‘Sacred Fire’ or entering into Sacred Fire Mantras we are really referring to a dynamic form of prayer where by your call, spoken out loud or inwardly, you are releasing a force of love to your Presence that compels your Presence and the Ascended and Angelic Host to respond to your call by projecting the various colours of the Purifying Flame in, through and around you and everywhere else you direct those Flames such as into your homes, loved ones, and your world. If there is an emotional or physical appearance in your life and world, you can call upon the Sacred Fire to enter right into those conditions to purify and heal them from your life.

We are invited by the Ascended Host to enter into the ‘Sacred Purifying Flames’ for 15 minutes every day. It is preferred that we stand however if you are not able to, sit with good posture. First, connect with the Great Flame of Divine Love that abides within your Heart, and pour your love there. Acknowledge your ‘Essential Real Self I AM’ that abides within you and above you and pour your love and gratitude for the Gift of Life. Then, through your Presence, greet the Great Ascended Beings of the Sacred Fire Flames and their Angels and call upon them to join your Presence in blazing the Purifying Flames in, through, and around you. Now be still for a moment and visualize a Great Pillar of the Sacred Fire around you and passing through you and above you. Imagine this Pillar extending three feet out from you in every direction in a perfect circle, and imagine the Pillar rising up 12 feet high. Visualize the Flames pouring up through your feet into your legs and up into your body. Visualize those Purifying Flames in your mind and brain, see them out in front of you, beside you, and behind you.

Call upon your ‘Mighty Christ I AM’ and the Masters and Angels to pour the greatest Concentration of the ‘Sacred Fire Flames’ through you and call upon these God Flames to purify your mind, feelings, body, being and world of all fear, negative emotion, and discord that has ever registered in your being and world. If you know of anything you specifically would like the Sacred Fire to purify, heal or remove, now is the time to call the Ascended Masters’ Flames into that condition. Now you are ready to enter into a Sacred Fire Mantra. The purpose of the Mantra is to keep you calling in the action of the Purifying Flame and to hold your attention on the Sacred Fire long enough for It to come in and do Its perfect work in you and your world. Finish with deep gratitude and adoration to the Sacred Flames of our Spiritual Hierarchy for all the Freedom Its Action offers you.

Ask your Higher Christ Consciousness to sustain the Action of the Purifying and Healing Flames through you and your world as you now go on about your day. You will find some of the Sacred Fire Mantras here on site for you to use and you can also refer to the Online Store to purchase the Sacred Fire Mantras Booklets. God Bless you!