My Rose Pink Flames

Message from Beloved Akasha

Asun and I have suggested you are Architects of Truth, and now, in order to bring forth the truth of your being, I urge you Precious hearts, open yourselves to the Love within your hearts and your true feelings. Hold yourselves open to the greater Light within your hearts and use your consciousness, use your mind to now invite Perfection’s Presence, the Eternal Presence of Love Divine into your lives. For this Love contains a Mystical Sacred Fire that can heal your mind, your bodies, and your emotions. It contains Celestial Sounds that can recode the atomics of your physical Temple into a finer energy that is of greater health and purity.

In your Prayer Calls and Decrees, call out to my Cherubim Angels of Healing and Illumination and invite Luminous Healing Rays of the Rose Pink Ray Angels to assist you in healing and illumining the limiting information in your mind and body cells, so that your body Temple can respond to the enlightened decisions you are making today.

I am suggesting that you are more enlightened now and have arrived at that place where you can set aside all struggle and begin to see your outer self, your Earthly Embodiments, as Divine Instruments through which you can now invite the Greatness and Perfection of your Being to express.

Why are Angels coming upon the Earth Plane in greater numbers now? Why are they coming in by the tens of thousands every day? They are here because there is a calling from within the hearts of humanity. There is an inner awareness growing within the human spirit, where human beings are realizing what has caused so much discord and destruction in this world. Human beings are inwardly beginning to understand, having those aha experiences as to what is the destroyer in this world. In their prayers, people are reaching up for help. Angels have always been in the great Realms of Inter-Dimensional Light, ready to assist humankind as long as your planet has been here; but sadly through disbelief, there are very few who would open the door of their own lives to these Precious Angels. The evolution on your planet has been slow in the past, but that is not the case now.

Angels can respond quickly to your Prayer Calls because the Heart and the Mind of an Angel are one with the Higher Intelligence Christ Mind of each of you. The moment your own Higher Intelligence registers a call for assistance from you, your call is responded to. Many times Angels are sent to you in response to your prayers and meditations. Please try to remember that Angels and Ascended Beings are God’s Great Messengers and Guardians of the Earth and all Peoples. Try to set aside all doubt and have greater Faith in your own God Presence and the Angels when they are called in to assist you.

When you know with your heart of hearts that you have a Higher Intelligence, and that its Presence is right here within your heart and you speak directly to that Inner Presence, then you are communicating directly with your own Divinity, your own Inner God Presence, and when you have no doubt about this, then those calls go directly up and out from your Higher Intelligence to your own ‘Individualized God Presence, I AM’, and the Angelic and Ascended Host who seek to assist you yet often they cannot do so without you using your own free will to invite their intervention through your Prayer Calls and Decrees.

In closing, I encourage each of you to call upon your ‘Mighty Christ I AM’, myself Akasha and my Angels to so charge your lives on Earth with the Cosmic Light and Miracle Love of the Sacred Fire, especially the Rose Pink Flames and Rays of Divine Love from the Angelic and Ascended Host and the greater Realms of Cosmic Light. Because precious hearts that which is sinister in your world so dislikes the Sacred Fire and the Light and Love Rays, so the more the Sacred Fire you have around you and expressing out from you, will all discordant things just stay away from you. Then you will be in that place where the Light and Love of your own Divinity, and the Angelic and Ascended Host will guard you and look after you, so that as you seek to express the Perfection of your ‘Beloved I AM God Self’ into this world, you will have greater assistance in doing so.

It is not for me to guide you as to how that Perfection will express, whether you become future doctors, practitioners, financiers, whether you become future architects, nurses, musicians, movie directors, producers, you are all here on Earth by choice and you each have an inner passion and purpose for being here. As you say ‘Yes to Life’ and invite its Perfect Presence to express through you, it will express itself as that which is your highest aspirations. What I do know and can guide you on, is the destiny that stands before you, to become fully Resurrected and Free, an Untouchable Master Presence on Earth.

You each have been given keys not only to awaken yourselves, for the world of humanity is included in your ability to re-invent this world from a place of greater Compassion, Understanding, Peace, Love, Light, Healing, Power, and Transformation. There are many opportunities now to help each other in different situations, as many of the human race over the next three years will move into a place where the desire for Freedom is theirs in every experiential state of expression. In other words, whatever way you as a Conscious Being are choosing to express Freedom, Freedom of health in the body, Freedom of relationship, Freedom from every obstacle to your desired forms of manifestation, Freedom from every obstacle that is limiting your financial success, it is your right to have these things and is also the natural desire of Perfection’s Presence.

Remember to daily consciously choose to live within the Light, Love, Perfection and Protection of your ‘Mighty I AM God Presence’, Precious hearts. Each of you are capable of expressing the exquisite Wisdom of your Great God Selves, that exquisite Perfection that will inspire you with new desires and as these things well up and express through you, you may indeed connect and network with each other more successfully. Awakening humanity is being depended upon, to come together and strengthen each other. Then the Angels and Ascended Masters shall hold the great Cosmic Circle of Light and Sacred Fire Love around all of you on the Planet, and each of you shall then host the great Eternal Light into this world.

The rest of it will be sweet history as the dark forces just roll back. That is exactly what they will do, Precious ones. They will roll back. When the discord that has penetrated human consciousness rolls back, people will begin to experience a new state of Illumination and Love. The sinister force that has been in this world hypnotizing people into a place where they do not even know what their reason is for being in this world, that hypnotic spell will be withdrawn and people everywhere will wake up and remember once again. The great power of this Divine Plan will indeed come together and be Victorious as daily you enfold yourself in the Rose Pink Flames and Rays of Divine Love.

Truly Precious Hearts, I mention this point often, that you must realize if you want Perfection in your lives, you must invite your ‘Mighty I AM Christ Presence’ to create it for you and express it through you. You must invite your Individualized God Self and the Angels and Ascended Host to purify your life on Earth, so you might once again be a vessel of Perfection’s Presence as was life’s true intention. Immortality in form, physical form…is one of the great reasons you are on the Earth. God Bless you. May my Rose Pink Flames Mantra and Decree Book help you to enfold yourself and your life in the Rose Pink Flames of my Love, Will, and Grace, I AM Akasha.