Thank you Beloved Akasha and Asun, the Ascended Host, the Angelic Host; thank you beloved brothers Usa and Excalibur, for being such wonderful and generous Teachers and Messengers. May the Presence bless you all for eternity!


For years I was searching for that extra something in my life … I didn’t know what. Then one day I come across the Radiant Rose Academy website! For a month, I was drawn to it and finally in November 2003, I attended a class and I have never looked back. Through Akasha and Asun, I reconnected with my Presence, I found my ascended family, I found my angelic family – and the wealth of information! The Weekend Gatherings, the Conclaves, the various classes, the love, the guidance, the protection, on and on and on – there is so much here, there is no need to look elsewhere. I have all the love, all the protection, the sacred fire, the guidance, the knowledge right here.