Students from around the world share with us their experience and gratitude.

The April 8th TOLC was one of the best that I ever listened too. Mother Akasha truly encouraged me, and I feel empowered in the knowledge that we are receiving assistance. I cannot begin to express how truly Mother Akasha's Discourse touched my Heart. I am elated! I am thrilled! And I feel so blessed to have found this Dispensation. I needed to know that the end of duality in our lives is near. Bless you Mother Akasha and I love you! I listen to this class over and over.


I absolutely love the Invocation to Love!!! It never fails to move me deeply. I typed it out on paper to say each morning before leaving for work. After arriving to my job I connect my scan disk to my computer, put on my headphone and listen to Usa saying the invocation over and over. I never get tired of listening to it. I'm the payroll administrator where I work and it's amazing that I get my work done so well when I'm so focused on listening to the invocation. Anyway, after listening to the invocation about 10 times in a row I'll finally let the rest of the weekly Class play on in it's entirety and listen to that over and over. Each Tree of Life Class is such a treasure. I'm almost obsessed with the classes and can't wait to get the next week's mp3 download.


Yesterday I finally listened to the January Miracle class featuring Eloah Amazonia. It was FANTASTIC! I was/am so moved by Amazonia's discourse. I welcome all her advice and I am on it straight away. Amazonia also made me laugh so much when she said that if someone tries to lock us up in prison after our Resurrection that we can go along with it at first as a lark. OMG, I thought that was so funny. It still makes me laugh when I think of it. I have a sense of humor that is on overdrive 24/7.