Thank you so so much for such an incredible weekend, such an amazing event – Radiant Rose Conclave and in true meaning everyone was radiating – what a wonderful people! The Conclave was incredibly magical, uplifting experience for me. I am so grateful and feel so blessed for all experience, I learned lifetime lessons; the whole experience was blissful for me. I experienced extraordinary energies of unconditional love; it was fantastic group of people. Thank you so much to our Messengers beloved Usa and Excalibur – what a wonderful young Men they are, pure radiating Love, gift from God to all of us.


My husband and I came to Conclave and the Radiant Rose Academy, straight from Russia, so it was a long time journey but also a life changing one. To all the Beloved Hearts all over the world listening to the classes and events, there is nothing so profound and magical like being there in person! Being there in the Presence of the Masters, sharing this transformation with other Roses – it brings a true change of heart. You will never be the same after attending a Radiant Rose Academy Event.


I started listening to the Resurrection Conclave yesterday, and I am up to God Tabor’s Discourse. What a wonderful Conclave it is. I want to extend my thanks to Master Germain for his thoughtfulness. I know that the Ascended Masters are not going to waste their time getting entangled in the human nonsense down here, but I am very thankful that Germain requested that the name “Great White Brotherhood” be done away with because of the racial tension it can bring about. I actually got used to it after a few years, and it no longer made me cringe, but I think it is very wise for that term to be replaced.


I loved your Discourse in the recent Resurrection Conclave. I am so moved and I look forward to the day that racism no longer exists. Differences should never be of any concern to anyone. I was so surprised at what you did. It was such a loving thing and I felt it in my Heart. As Jesus the Christ has raised that Martin Luther King JR into the Ascension, I hope that he will come and speak to us every now and then. I am so happy for Lyndon Johnson too. Btw, every time I think of your name, Hilarion, the word hilarious come to my mind and it makes me chuckle.


Montreal Conclave, ahh indeed…to experience Jesus the Christ, to be lost in his eyes of love and intent, to feel his love pour forth over and around us was miraculous. We are indeed a blessed bunch. The first time I was granted the opportunity to be on the stage in Montreal holding Jesus’ hand was my first Conclave as well. I was so anxious and my nerves were pinging and my heart was racing. I was so grateful there were brothers and sisters there to hold me up if need be. My experience this time was from a deeper place of innocence and delight. It was a moment I will hold close to me forever.


The vibration of the Conclave sacred room was amazing. The armfuls of fresh flowers, running water, huge sacred paintings, was just delightful. The RRA Conclaves are always a beautiful pure vibration.


I was at the Conclave and feel it was the most amazing Miracle yet. For the first time I feel at ease and absorbed the presentations, being able to tangibly know that this is a new platform. I experienced without a doubt a depth that was so enlivening. If ever I had doubt it was gone now. I had the great pleasure to thank the messenger and look for a moment of grace into Beloved Excalibur’s eyes. It was beyond word a depth of Being that I had never seen in any eyes. The memory of this gift has spurned me on to follow our Masters and messengers as committed as possible. Things are now revealing themselves in experience and that is undeniable. We are so blessed by all and there is so much to receive. The Academy family is real and I love all that are making it so. Thank you with all my heart. I am a Rose laughing out from the bitter snow of the past and loving the sun shine of the Mother’s Presence in spring.