Hello Academy, I just wanted to share with you the most awesome experience I had this morning. I was faithfully practicing what I was taught at the Saskatoon Weekend, more so, the last talk from Mother Akasha where she addressed the students: Walking through the valley of lilies, past the forget- me- knots, full of purple and walking through the narrow path and finally arriving at the rose color garden, where I stood in front of my own rose essence and where thousands of roses came alive. I could honestly feel the surge of energy coming through the crown of my head and I started to swag and swag in this beautiful loving energy. WOW, this really does happen when you surrender to the mother's love. Yes, the students can carry this energy all through out the day. I was blown away with Mother Akasha's love ray and I loved every moment of it. I truly believe that I have been initiated to a high vibration of love. I have the most loving and pink ray energy that Mother Akasha now radiates to all who ask for it. Saskatoon.


I just wanted to thank you and bless you and love you from the UK for such an amazing weekend. It has changed my life, renewed me, given me greater truths and closer connection with my beloved Presence, the beloved masters, angels, cosmic beings, and closer connection with the Academy sisters and brothers of the light. I feel truly blessed to have attended, to have met you and others who I feel are my true family. I feel very emotional about it . The event was so beautiful, the stage, backdrop, altar, mother's day card, arch, Liberty statue, and the roses, the roses, the roses. I shower you in light, strength, power, love and gratitude. Syracuse, NY


At the Christmas with the Masters, Joseph's telling of his son Jesus was heart opening; I could barely hold back the tears. I learned things that make me cry but I appreciate knowing. It transformed all my "challenges" into non-challenges. It also gave me insight on how to be a better parent to my grown daughters. Vancouver.


I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to go to the Calgary Miracle Mantle Workshop Weekend, wow, just don’t even know where to start… the energy in the room the whole weekend was tangible, actually edible. The messages, the love, the inspiration coming from Mother Akasha, Father Asun Goddess Charity, wow. Then Mighty Victory and Beloved Lord Maitreya, what a blessing and all the messages of encouragement and assurance we received, I am so grateful. Calgary