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The purpose of this page is to keep you informed about the latest translations of our books, classes, recordings, videos, and all other educational material.

We at the Radiant Rose Academy hold the Highest Vision that thousands of students from around the world, in the many different countries and cultures that make up this wonderful Planet, will come to enjoy the Magnificent Miracle Blessings of the Teachings of Beloved Akasha and Asun and the Great Host of Ascended Masters. Regardless of what language you speak or what country a/o culture you originate from, we welcome you all with a great open heart!

The original Ascended Master Transmissions and Discourses are given in the English language, which is a Language of Light. This decision was made by the Ascended Host that their Teachings be delivered to the peoples of Earth in this way, which includes the Wisdom and Powers of Light that are unleashed through each spoken word.

Words spoken by an Ascended Master become Powerful Golden Keys for Enlightenment that once heard by a student of Life, can register at the deepest level of their consciousness, where the limitations of fear and duality starts to break up and disappear.

The more one listens to the Ascended Masters Transmissions, the more one awakens to the Truth of Life that is hidden within themself, and the more one begins to remember the Destiny and Purpose for being on the Earth at this auspicious time.

The Ascended Masters Words given in a Discourse are truly Cups of Light that contain within them a tremendous Force of God Power and the Piercing Light of the Golden Ray of All Christ Illumination.

The Sacred Words given by the Ascended Masters in the English language, have been held within their Ascended Masters Hearts Flames in their Temples of Light in the 5th Dimension, and have been so charged a thousand fold with the Greatest Cosmic Activities and Powers of the Light of the Universe, so that when a student of Life hears them and comes to use them, they will receive a Tremendous Mighty Blessing, Lifting, and Raising Activity in their lives; and then through them those blessings continue to expand out into the World.

Therefore we always recommend everyone to make the necessary effort to try to study and understand the English language, that way the student can truly and directly receive the high vibration and frequencies of these mighty words while listening to the Ascended Master Transmissions in the English language that are brought forth by the Messengers.

Yet, we are delighted to offer some of our instructional material, especially some of our Ascended Master Videos in a few selected international languages: French, Spanish, German, Russian, and Mandarin.

It is our desire to continue to expand our collection of International videos, while at the same time adding more languages to the offerings.
We have translated the following Academy Books into the French language, given the fact that our Beloved Canada has two official languages: English and French. While we will not be publishing these books in the physical book form yet, these French books will be available soon in a digital format in our Online Store.
The books that are available in French in digital format include:

  • Lovers Path to Enlightenment
  • Greatest Power in the Universe
  • Self Realization
  • Personal Decrees, Book 1

We hold the highest Vision for the Expansion of the Ascended Master Teachings as brought forth under Mother Akasha’s Dispensation of the Rose Pink Rays of Divine Love, Will, Grace, and Consciousness – and Her Radiant Rose Academy.

To that end we endeavor to continue to make efforts to translate more and more of these Great Ascended Master Teachings into the key languages of this World, so that everyone can be touched and blessed by this Light and have the opportunity to be set FREE into the fullness of their Great Beloved Christ Presence I AM. God Bless you!