Circulating Academy Material

Important Note about circulating/sharing copyright materials provided by the Academy

Some Beloved Precious Students like to transcribe the discourses provided to them from the audio files of their Class Subscriptions, or from the audio files of weekend events they purchase. Doing so for your own personal use is fine, however sharing transcripts of Academy Materials with others is not permitted. Unfortunately we have seen transcribed materials sourced from the Radiant Rose Academy, show up on other people’s or organization’s websites. All audio files of Ascended Master Discourses and Transcripts sourced from the Academy are held protected under Canadian and International Copyright laws.

Furthermore, we understand that some students of the Radiant Rose Academy, who are lovingly held within Mother Akasha’s Rose Pink Flames Dispensation, share with others, via e-mail circulation lists, materials sourced from other Spiritual Organizations.

While we respect the students decision to do this, however we must caution that the distribution of material between students under the auspices of the RRA, sourced from other Spiritual Organizations, has not been sanctioned by our Beloved Akasha, and therefore the information contained therein may not necessarily be the truth, and what is even worse may create confusion and actually be a disservice to our beloved students.

Let us all please use the Power of Discernment and exercise caution in the material that gets distributed amongst our student body. It is ultimately our whole responsibility to ensure that the Truth and the Purity of the Ascended Master Teachings as brought forth by Beloved Akasha and Asun and the Great Ascended Host is the ONLY thing that is associated with anything that carries the Radiant Rose Academy name.

In Love’s Diamond Shining Presence
The Management of the Radiant Rose Academy