Event Policies, Guidelines

It is our intent to create a beautiful, joyous and Sacred Space for our events. It is to this purpose that we have created the following Guidelines to assist newcomers and long-time students alike in co-creating with us a beautiful balance between joyous, exuberant community/fellowship and honoring of Sacred Space, Silence, and Stillness. We also strive to create a clutter free/clean environment during all weekend events and seek your cooperation.

Please turn off your mobile devices before entering. Personal audio or video recording on your mobile device or iPad is not permitted. When the bell rings and you hear the flute music, kindly end your conversations, take your seat as soon as possible and maintain the silence once you are seated in the Ballroom.

Safety and Security Policies; Your Well-Being Comes First!
Your safety, security and well-being are of utmost importance to us! If you are feeling unwell, please immediately inform someone at the registration tables. Stay hydrated. Feel free to sit down during decree time or ceremonies at any time. Take good care of you! The Ascended Masters will understand!

Setting Up Times:
Staff and Team only are permitted in the seminar rooms during set-up times. (Thursday and Friday). There are wires, heavy boxes and equipment that can pose a safety hazard during set-up and our staff and volunteers are working hard and require focus. We would love to say a proper “hello” at opening registration time Friday afternoon.

Your Name Badge is your Conclave/Covenant Entry Ticket
It must be worn at all times for security. You will be asked to show it each time upon entering the Ballroom. Do not leave your name badge on your chair. Any name badges left on the seats will be gathered at the end of each night and can picked up at the registration desk in the morning.

Seating is on a first come, first served basis, excepting reserved seating that has been pre-arranged. We ask that line-ups begin no earlier than 30 minutes prior to registration opening. Seat saving for more than one person except for family members is not permitted. The first 3 rows are reserved for our out-of- town Roses.

If you are facing an appearance and need a more comfortable chair, please email the events department well in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you. Only those who have pre-arranged a reserved armchair are allocated one. They are located towards the sides and back of the room in order to not obstruct the view of the stage and there is a limited amount. Please sit in the chairs provided and not on the floors in the product area. Chairs are not to be moved to the back or sides. Please always respect the Reserved Seating signs even when chairs are vacant.

Walk- Please Don’t Run!
No running is permitted at any time in the Ballroom or Foyer of the Hotel/Venue.
Please ensure that your belongings, purses, backpacks, coffee/water containers etc. are kept out of the aisles and are safely tucked under your seat so no one trips over the handles or straps. Please do not leave any pens on the floors of the Ballroom. Watch carefully for taped wires and carpeting.

Ballroom/Meeting Room Doors:
Doors are locked during lunch breaks. Please ensure you have all your necessary belongings with you. When lunch breaks begin please exit the room quickly and continue your conversations outside so the Hotel staff and volunteers can quickly enter and prepare the room for the afternoon session.

Respecting Personal Space:
There is lots of hugging that goes on at our events! Not everyone desires to be hugged, so please always ask permission first, and be respectful of other’s personal space.

Appropriate Applause:
At the end of Discourses feel free to stand and applaud, however avoid hooting, hollering and whistling. It is however welcomed if you feel so inclined to show our musicians your enthusiastic appreciation.

Any items offered for raffle must be pre-authorized by the office no later than two weeks in advance. We are very grateful but cannot accept items for the raffle the day of Conclave.

Policies and Procedures regarding Children:
Radiant Rose Academy has a strict Policy regarding Children attending our Events:
Although our events may not be suitable to Children under 12 years of age, they are most welcome to attend with their families at our Radiant Rose Academy Events.

However, Children must have parental supervision at all times during the events. It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that their Children are properly behaved and are not making noise or disturbing the Event. Leaving Children unattended in adjoining rooms or lobby area of events is absolutely not permitted and will be strictly monitored.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Our Messengers:
Although both our Messengers enjoy visiting with our event guests, they appreciate your understanding that it is important that they be allowed to refresh, rest their voices, and renew themselves during breaks.