Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Dress Code?

  • Dress for our Events varies. We understand that people desire to travel light and will be sitting for long periods of time and wish to be comfortable. We do ask that students dress appropriately in honor of our Ascended Master Guests. It is also wise to bring a sweater or shawl, or dress in layers to ensure your personal comfort.
  • We encourage you to avoid wearing blue-jeans, and no shorts or flip-flops. Dress for dinners is semi-formal.
  • We honor the Colour Ray of the Day by wearing certain colours on the upper half of our bodies on certain days of the week. On Fridays, we wear green to honor the Emerald Green Ray representing Peace, or Pink to honor Mother Akasha.
  • On Saturdays we wear purple/violet to honor the Violet Ray which represents Purity. On Sunday we wear Blue or White to honor the Cosmic Blue Ray and Divine Purity. However, during Covenant Weekends, we wear only white on top.

(For more about the Ray of the Day please see the Resource section in your dashboard).

Can I bring my lunch?
Yes, however like most movie theaters, many hotels do not allow outside food and beverages consumed on their premises. In order to respect the hotel’s policies and keep our Sacred Space clean, we do not allow any outside food permitted in the Ballroom or Foyer, except for staff and volunteers who would not otherwise have time to nourish themselves due to their service schedule. Some hotels allow morning coffee/smoothies etc., some do not. The Holiday Inn Vancouver does not allow any food or beverages aside from water. The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver does allow coffee and tea. If do you bring your lunch, please find an area outside of the venue to eat.

Please do not leave any drink containers on any of the sound, registration, or product tables and dispose of any garbage on your way out.

Where can I find a schedule for the Conclave/ Weekend Event?
A detailed schedule can be found in the middle of your Conclave Program, which you will receive upon entering the Ballroom or Theater. There is one Conclave Program per attendee. We encourage you to write your name in it and keep it with you, and do not leave your program on your seat, as they tend to disappear! If you would like an extra program for a student who could not attend Conclave please inquire for extra programs at the end of the event on Sunday. You can also download the program on our website at the bottom of the Conclave registration page.

Other Weekend Gatherings and Covenants do not have a schedule. Opening and Closing times can be found on the registration page for each event as they can differ from city to city.

How do I go about making purchases while at events?
Currently we are working on bringing in Computerized Point of Sale Software and we hope to have this in place by mid-summer 2020. For now, we do not use cash registers at our Events but use a manual system. We use product purchase forms that have most of our products listed and the price of the item beside, and a space for the quantity of the item purchased. Please ensure that any products you wish to purchase are accompanied by a properly filled out Product Purchase Form before coming to the desk to pay. Non-Member product forms are white. Please include your name, day, date and method of payment. This expedites the line-ups substantially. We have wonderful volunteers to assist you in filling out the form and calculating the taxes.

Members Only Product Forms; Gold Members please use the Yellow Product Purchase Form that reflect the prices of the products with your 15% discount already applied (Membership Discounts do not include download recordings, sale items, oils, specialty products or taxes.) The white form is for non-members.

Gold Membership is automatic and free if you subscribe to all four of the Academy Classes. If you do not subscribe to all four of our monthly classes, you can subscribe for Membership, the fee $33.00 per month.

Event Download Recordings:
Attendees can purchase the audio recording of the entire Conclave/Weekend Gathering at a substantial discount, as our thank you for attending. Please fill out a product purchase form and bring it to the registration tables, you will be given a ticket with a coupon code and instructions for ordering the recordings on our online store. The coupon code expires one month after the close of the event and cannot be shared or transferred.

And finally,
Students are not permitted sell/promote/share or offer their own merchandise, or healing Therapies, Talent, Poetry, Music, etc. at any Academy Event. Although our Events may seem to be convenient for the networking of compatible concepts, they are not the place to display brochures, products, practices or talents that have not been pre-authorized through the office. Our table space is limited to the Radiant Rose Academy’s products and pre-approved Presenter merchandise. We do not permit any students onstage or to use the microphone without first being invited or pre-authorized through the office.