Student Sharing Policy

The Radiant Rose Academy (RRA) Recordings Copyright Guidelines

We are very grateful for the continued support of our beloved students in acquiring the RRA recordings of the Class Subscriptions, Weekend Events, Conclaves, and Covenants.

We are nevertheless getting reports that the recordings are being shared by the purchaser, sometimes three or four times with other students. We are also hearing that some students who receive the recordings from the one who initially purchased them, then shares the same recordings a second or third time with other students. This suggests to us that some students may not be fully aware of the RRA Policies and Guidelines regarding the sharing of RRA Recordings and seem not to be aware of registered Copyright Laws and Trademarks that govern and protect all the Material of the RRA.

Therefore we take this time to update and review our Policies in this matter with the Student Body to ensure everyone is duly informed.

Our Policy is straightforward and simple to follow. Those students purchasing the recordings of the Tree of Life Class, Living the Dream Class, Masters Class, Planetary Class, Weekend Events, Conclaves, and Covenants may share their recordings purchased with one other student. Recordings can only be shared once. Students who receive the Recordings from another student who has purchased those recordings, cannot share those recordings with other students. There is only one exception to this norm:

  1. Family members living together may share the recordings.

We encourage those students who are receiving recordings from another student who purchased them, contribute a portion of the cost of those recordings back to the Purchaser or offer a love gift to the RRA accordingly.

Regarding Student Group Gatherings

There are a number of students who hold group gatherings in their homes attended by students of the RRA to listen to the Academy Teachings. The Host of Student Groups may not duplicate and share those recordings they have purchased with other students who come to listen in Group Gatherings. It is encouraged that students who attend Group Gatherings in their area to listen to the Teachings, make a donation to the Host of those Gatherings, who then in turn contributes a portion of those donations back to the Academy periodically. Thank you for respecting the Academy Guidelines.

Updated January 2nd, 2018