Student Scholarships

The Radiant Rose Academy has a Scholarship program to assist students from all over the world who require a little extra help from time to time to attend the Conclaves or other Special Weekend events. We at the Academy, hold the vision to offer several Scholarships per Conclave held in March, June, August and November of each year, as well as other weekend events.

How to apply

Who determines the recipients?

Each application is lovingly reviewed by our team at the office, where a decision is made as to who will be the next scholarship recipients. We take into consideration the previous event’s recipients to make sure a scholarship is not given to the same individual repeatedly. We look at the situation and reasons of each applicant with love.

Please note that if you require a scholarship, say for November, you should send your application well in advance. We suggest two months. We will do our best to let each one know of the results early as some of you will require making traveling plans.

What does a Scholarship include?

A scholarship covers the cost of an event only. It does not cover meals, travel expenses and/or accommodations.

To Apply, please email the “Events and Registration” Department on our contact form.  Make sure you include the reason why you wish to be considered.