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The Impersonal Activity of “I AM”…

May 15, 2020 | Reflections by Asun

Today, I Asun, reflect upon:

The Impersonal Activity of “I AM”

1st Reminder…It is the very life force inside a plant, an animal, in the powers of nature and the forces of the elements. You were taught that this Impersonal I AM activity is the Responding activity. It is to Respond to the Intelligent I AM Race to ensure their evolution, their growth is in alignment with yours.

This means that the very substance – including your physical body has been created to Respond to YOU. YOU are to be the directing intelligence – not only evolving yourselves but also having a physical body that can EVOLVE WITH YOU.

2nd Reminder…

When you came to the earth millions of years ago – for convenience – you came in your light bodies – you came in NON-physical bodies with the promise that beautiful physical garments created by the Mighty Elohim, the Angelic Kingdom and the Elemental Kingdom –that you would have beautiful physical bodies to enter into.

Then began the long process of learning how to INFUSE – how to grow Your Spirit, Your Light, Your Love WITHIN those physical bodies and have those physical bodies Respond to any direction that you gave them.

3rd Reminder…

Those physical bodies in the 1st and 2nd million years of your life on earth – your bodies had NO record of aging. There was NO record of death. If you desired a new body there were places you would go to – as an exchange program, to acquire a new body. Maybe for 2-3 thousand years you were developing your Light in a masculine body and now you wanted to teach yourself how to develop your Light in a feminine body. The important thing to remember is that your bodies were responding to YOU.

With the Metamorphoses Meditations the 2nd birth of your physical body by the Holy Spirit is underway.

Let us enter into a decree…

I AM! (3) by all God’s Love I know I AM!
I AM is the Directing Intelligence!

I AM! (3) by all God’s Love I know I AM! aware of the Impersonal I AM, the Life of God that is the Life within all fabric of Life, within all substance of Life. I am aware that the substance of my own physical body – flesh, organs, bones, muscles etc. – that they are ALL composed of the Impersonal I AM that love to RESPOND to a Directing Intelligence.

I AM! (3) by all God’s Love I know I AM! the Directing Intelligence that now has the opportunity to direct the consciousness that interfaces with my physical body. To bring forth the Metamorphoses, the change in appearance that I so desire my physical garment to become. – Therefore I decree as I have chosen – that my body undergo metamorphosis where even the appearance of my physical body changes. Through the Holy Spirit in my meditations, my cells can throw off the lost years of the locusts – to reverse the aging appearance, and restore the energy and health of my physical body until my physical body takes on the appearance of ( place # of years here ie: 28) years.

I understand that this will be part of the natural metamorphoses… therefore…

I AM! (3) by all God Love I know I AM!

The Eternal Youth, Health, Energy, vitality, Strength, Mobility, Beauty, Appearance of Eternal youthfulness that is now unfolding in the very substance, ALL the substance that my physical body is composed of.

I AM grateful that the Impersonal Responding Activity of Life is within ALL substance. Therefore I acknowledge:

Consciousness is God
God is Consciousness

My God Consciousness now interfaces throughout my multi-body system. Consciousness is carrying my ‘I AM Directive of Metamorphoses’, change, health, youthful appearance, beauty, energy, vitality, strength and mobility of my physical garment. I absolutely approve of this change and I AM Eternally grateful that Life provides us time to accomplish these mighty changes.

Almighty Rose Christ I AM (3x)