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Today, I reflect upon the Goddess of Nature and more…

Jun 16, 2020 | Reflections by Asun

The Goddess of Nature is amazing in Her Power and Compassion. She is going to breathe into the records of your relationship with nature every lovely thought and thought of gratitude. She will pour her Love of Nature, Her Nature Flame into that and send it back into the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements as a great blessing to life.

Nature too is affected in many different ways by the viruses in your world. God Tabor has talked to you about how it is the responsibility of the Gods of the Mountains to maintain a mighty Cosmic Blue Light and Cosmic Blue Electronic Force within the mountain ranges. That Radiation, Strength, and Power of Light which the mountains give off has triple intention to it. Through the mountain ranges:

  • this helps to stabilize the inside of the Planet
  • this seeks to stabilize and strengthen the atmosphere
  • this was always intended to be a blessing to the people who live on the Planet, and specifically, to their physical bodies.

Take a moment to be conscious of your spine, and just be. Your spine is intended to do the same for your body as the mountains do for the Planet. “With the Power of Light, I bless my spine.

“As God Tabor and Goddess of Nature come today, I welcome them to strengthen and draw that mighty Electronic Force from my I AM God Presence and from the mountains, that strength of Light into the base of my spine, rising up my spine and throughout the skeletal structure of my body. I am eternally grateful for this blessing.”

“I offer my Heart’s Flame Love to God Tabor and the Goddess of Nature, and may they add to each of us all that they so desire. I call upon my Heart Flame to pour millions and millions of Love Rays to the Powers of Nature and the Forces of the Elements this day.”

To protect yourself from fear in the atmosphere:

You could still accidentally pick up fear, so keep up your protection. Several times a day call in your mighty Ascended Master Magic Tube of Light and ask your Higher Discerning Intelligence to sustain and maintain that Armour of Light around and below you all throughout your day.

“My Beloved Higher Directing Intelligence, sustain and maintain all the Spiritual Powers of my I AM God Presence and the Ascended Masters around me all throughout my day until I return safely to my home and can turn my attention back to you and the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Host.”

Remember your mantra: “Peace, Purity, Harmony, Happiness and Joy.”

I have observed that there is a rise in domestic violence. He asks us to command an Angel to come into every home in this world and prevent domestic violence.

“Mighty I AM God Presence and Great Ascended and Angelic Host, I command and demand you send Uncountable Legions of Angels into this world and assign an Angel to every home to prevent any kind of domestic violence! I thank you.”

Remember that the Ascended and Angelic Host cannot come into your dimension unless you call them in. When you ‘command and demand’ the Ascended and Angelic Host, this leaves no room for doubt; you are using your free will.

If one is not conscious of one’s Divine Nature, that Divine Nature cannot grow. You can only grow what you are conscious of. You are now making contact with your True Self.

Say to the Presence within before going into the Silence:

“My Beloved Great God Presence within me, you are my True Self. You are the Self that I have not lived since the fall from Grace. You are the best of me. I’m about to make contact with You and I now remember a fundamental Truth that ‘where my attention goes, my energy flows’. My Great God Presence within, once I get into the Silence I will do my best to keep my attention upon You.”

You now have an entire new value system on the Silence. If you are in a non-thinking state, your energy, your lifeforce coming down through you from your I AM God Presence will go directly to your Great God Self allowing that God Self to grow into full God Stature.

This game-changing revelation must be accepted, acknowledged, and a new approach to meditation taken:

“Every time I make contact with my God Self within, which is the rest of my being and yet retains Its Perfection, every time I make contact and hold my attention on that God Self within for 10 minutes, my lifeforce coming down from the Presence is going directly into my inner chamber of consciousness and is feeding, animating, and bringing to full stature my God Self within me.

My lifeforce has everything in it to bring into full stature any beliefs of the day, but my God Self has no beliefs, for It IS the Truth. When my attention locks onto my Great God Self within, allowing that lifeforce to come down into it, this is the real purpose of the Golden Silence. So every time I go in, I am giving my God Self 10 minutes of lifeforce that’s going right in and is not being coloured or requalified. It is 100% pure.

“I AM the Health of God.” I do not go to God for my health, for God IS my health. God is the breath of Life.”