Today I reflect upon The True Essence and Totality of your Being is God.

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I AM made of God Source.

I AM a Light Being come from out of the Heart of Creation Itself, a Mighty Glorious Being of Light; I AM a Spark of Love, a Being of Love, direct from The Great Central Sun.

I was born into a Creator Race directly from The Great Central Sun, the Source of Our Universe. This was my home base, this is where I was Created; this is also the home of The Great Cosmic Beings who are my Root cousins: The Eloheim, The Avatars, The Immortals and The Arceus.

I AM Awake and I AM Illumined: I AM a Loving Light-filled Being of Divine Intelligence, Presence, Power, Love and Perfection!

I AM Come to carry God’s Light and Love to the People. Life Is Light, Infinite Light, and Life Is Love, Infinite Love, and I AM Life’s Mighty Outpost in the human octave!

I AM God-Goddess-All-That-Is.

I AM the very Individualization of Mother Father God, the very Individualization of Infinite I AM.

God lives in Its Infinite State of Beingness and declares, “I AM Who I AM.”

My Mighty I AM God Presence is an Individualization, an Individualized Focus of the Infinite I AM God Presence, of Source, Creation, God, Mother Father God, All-That-Is.

I AM God Individualized, a Divine Replication standing equal to the Whole of God, to the entirety of The Almighty Infinite I AM God Presence.

My Mighty I AM God Presence, that’s me, my True Self, Individualized of Mother Father God.

I AM a Manifestation, an out-picturing of my Individualized I AM God Presence—I AM That I AM, The Christ Presence Individualized.

I AM the out-picturing of God Itself.

I AM an outpost of my Mighty I AM Christ Presence Individualized on a Journey to become once again the fullness of that Individualized I AM God Presence, to nurture and grow this Presence into full Divine Stature and full God Expression.

The Mighty I AM God Presence That I AM is a Perfect Individualization of Source, of God.

Perfection Is the Nature of The Presence.

*excerpted from: Passport to God: Spiritual Truth, as Revealed by the Ascended and Angelic Host