The Ascended Masters

Akasha and Asun are not only Ascended Masters in Service to the Earth, they are also Great Cosmic Beings of our Spiritual Hierarchy. Akasha represents the Love of the Universal Heart. She is a Manifestation of the Heart of the Mother’s Presence, the Divine Feminine Principle, the Over Soul. Akasha comes to us as the Rose Pink Flames of Divine Love, Will, and Grace. Beloved Asun represents the Light of Universal Mind. Asun is a Manifestation of the Universal Dazzling Mind of the Father and comes to us as the Golden Rays of Illumination. They transmit their Messages through their accredited Messengers, Usa and Excalibur, through the various classes and events listed on this website. Usa and Excalibur have been trained and prepared over several lifetimes to render this Service.Beloved Akasha and Asun invite others of the Ascended and Angelic Host to come and share with us their words of Wisdom and Enlightenment that offers us greater assistance in living our daily lives, Jewels of Light, and Divine Intervention to remove all the obstacles that we have placed in our lives, hearts, minds, bodies, and feelings.

An Ascended Being is a Being of Light who in their own past evolution, embodied several life-times on the Earth and then awakened to the Truth of Life, completing then their own Higher Purpose, the Divine Plan of their lives. They completed their Awakening and when leaving the Earth Plane, Ascended into the Light, such as it was with Jesus the Christ. An Ascended Master was formally a student of Life on the Earth, just like us, who graduated from the Earth Plane by achieving their Resurrection and Ascension. Ultimately, it is the destiny of everyone to achieve this, no matter how many hundreds of lifetimes it takes.

It is so wonderful to have these Cosmic Beings of Light communicating with us now, as they know very well what it is like to walk in our shoes, and be on the Earth and face this world of illusion and separation each day, while we are trying to reach a state of Oneness with Life and become whole again, gaining our freedom. Their teachings are absolutely empowering, always turning our attention back to our true Divine Nature, and showing us how to become Sovereign Spiritual Beings once again. Their messages are timely, their presence and radiance are so tangible and no matter where you are in your evolution, it raises you to your next level, your next plateau of consciousness.

Why Are They Here?
The Ascended Mother Akasha and Asun and other Ascended Masters of our Spiritual Hierarchy are communicating  to us through their Messengers because the world requires Divine Intervention. Their love for humanity has spanned the ages, and they were granted a Divine Dispensation to help the people of Earth get out of the chaos and suffering we have created.

The Masters Classes
A variety of Ascended Masters come to teach us in the Masters Classes, there are 2 Masters Classes a month. Ascended Masters such as Beloved Quan Yin, Master Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Master Hilarion, Master Victory, Sanat Kumara, Jesus Christ and Master Germain are amongst the many Masters who come to teach in the Masters Class.