Higher Consciousness

The Radiant Rose Academy embraces Spiritual Truth and Enlightenment as taught by our Spiritual Hierarchy of our System of Worlds. That Hierarchy includes Ascended Masters such as Jesus the Christ, Great Cosmic Beings such as the Queen of Light and Lord Maitreya, and the Angelic Host, which includes Archangels such as Archangel Michael. From the centre of our Universe, a place called ‘The Great Central Sun’, come Cosmic Beings known as the ‘Immortals’ and the ‘Avatars’, who too reveal the Truth of Higher Consciousness, God, and Creation. The teach us about the greatest Power, the Sacred Fire. They reveal the true nature of our Soul, and how the Process of Resurrection is truly a part of living a Divine Way of Life on Earth.

The Knowledge of this Higher Consciousness was formerly taught in Ancient Mystery Schools, often referred to as ‘The Lost Knowledge’ or ‘The Tree of Life’ Teachings. This section also provides you with a brief introduction to the three Mighty Activities of Creation, of Life, long time hidden within the words ‘I AM’, and to introduce you to some of the Powers we discover and begin to use to embrace our full Spiritual Empowerment, Awakening, and the fulfillment of the Divine Plan of our lives on Earth.

We come to understand the Spiritual Polarity of Creation, Source, and Higher Intelligence as the Cosmic Light and Divine Love of our Universe, Divine Mind and Divine Heart, or a Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother Presence and Consciousness, our Creators who are an Infinite Source of Light and Love. As we awaken to our Spiritual Nature, We discover three Mighty Activities formerly hidden in the words ‘I AM’:

  • I AM that I AM = Infinite
  • I AM who I AM = Individualized
  • I AM what I AM = Impersonal
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