I AM, I call to You

“I Call unto Thee ‘Mighty Individualized I AM’ with the most intense love of my heart and ask Thee to blaze the Mightiest Concentration of the Ascended Masters Sacred Fire Presence in, through, and around my entire being and world; Send forth such a surge of this Almighty Perfection to every blessed heart around the world and those precious hearts that have discovered Mother Akasha’s Dispensation of the Rose Pink Flames and Rays of Divine Love, Will, and Grace! Enfold them right now this instant and forever!

Great God Presence within every heart, awaken thy Glorious Splendor of Perfection into Cosmic Action through the physical Temples thou hast entered into and reveal the Mastery of Life upon this Earth as it is in the Ascended Masters’ Octave of Light! Blaze forth the Eternal Victory of the ‘I AM Infinite God Presence’ throughout all Creation and hold all in Perfect Divine Harmony and Balance forever!

Unto thine own ‘Presence’ all must bow in Loving Obedience for the Gift of Life, for every Blessing, for every so-called Miracle that is but the Natural Way of Life. May each one send forth endless waves of Adoration and Gratitude unto Thee Beloved ‘Mighty Christ I AM’! We shall never cease to Acknowledge, Accept, and Invite Your Almighty Invincible Presence, Power, and Intelligence into Action to the point where Thou art compelled to stand forth in Thy Visible, Tangible ‘Presence’ unto all! Raise each and every one of Thy Instruments into the Eternal Glory of the Light of God that Never Fails through the Resurrection and when the Divine Moment is at hand, into the Closing Experience of Earth’s Journey, The ASCENSION!”

I Excalibur, Bless Thee for Eternity, ‘Beloved I AM’!

A Prayer Call of Adoration

“My ‘Beloved Majestic Presence, I AM’, my most dearest friend in all Existence, I greet Thee from out of the Love of mine own Hearts’ Flame with a Feeling of Gratitude indescribable, that Thou mayest Feel what Thou dost mean to me, and how I have yearned for this time to Remember Thee!

I live to Acknowledge Thee, to Accept Thee, and Invite Thee to Come Forth like Thou hast never come forth before! This IS Thy Temple. Come forth my ‘Individualized Presence, I AM’ and Thou Purify it, Thou Strengthen it, Thou Beautify it, Thou Maintain it, Thou Sustain it; Thou Protect it! For Ye are the One that Created it! I love you and adore you, Mighty I AM!

I return this Physical Temple back over to Thee, knowing Thou hast All Power, Thou art the Only Power! Come my Beloved Presence and Prove Thyself the Victory of the Light through this This Instrument, Right Now, this Instant and Forever! I Command and Demand it of Thee, in the Name, Love, Wisdom, Power, and Authority of God ‘I AM’! I love you, I bless you, and I thank you, my ‘My Sacred I AM Self’.”

PDF file: Communing With My-Presence