I AM Infinite Consciousness

The Infinite I AM, a Cosmic Activity of ‘I AM that I AM’

‘I AM THAT I AM’, long considered Mystical Words that many Spiritual Seekers and Initiates have sought to full comprehend, words that have led many to a Soul Journey, a Spiritual Path that required awakening to a Higher State of Consciousness, where illumination and revelation followed. The journey leads one to a realization that Perfection does exist in this Universe and the Starry Heavens are a daily reflection of the Divine Intelligence and Order that is evolving our Universe.

We discover there is an Infinite Higher Intelligence and Power creating the Universe, a Source of Cosmic Light and a Source of Divine Love. Indeed hidden within the words I AM THAT I AM, we discover God exists as God the Father, and God the Mother. How thrilling indeed, to discover God the Father, the Cosmic Light and the Divine Mind of our Universe; to discover God the Mother, the Divine Love and Sacred Heart of our Universe, yes Heavenly Creators of all Intelligent Beings that exist everywhere.

Infinite is their Presence, for we are made of them. Indeed, they abide within us, around us, above us, and below us. It is the Infinite Consciousness of Mother Father God that our own Consciousness is formed from.