I AM Individualized Consciousness

The Individualized I AM, a Cosmic Activity of ‘I AM who I AM’

As we become more illumined to a kinder and more generous understanding of the Infinite Presence of our Universe that is the Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, we come to understand they are the Source at the centre of the Universe that created all of us. They created Individualizations of themselves, Divine Replications, endowing each of us with the Divine Mind of the Father and the Sacred Heart of the Mother, sending us forth into this Universe as Individualized Creators.

Each of us are the Individualized Consciousness of I AM, however the self that we are presently experiencing is only a fraction of our true Divine Consciousness, Nature, and Self. Commonly referred to as our Higher Self, or more divinely referred to as our ‘Mighty Christ I AM’, we come to realize our Higher Consciousness Self lives in Higher Realms of Pure Light, and is the Source that provides life to us in our Earthly Embodiments. As we awaken to these great truths, we realize the journey before us is to once again begin to embody on Earth, the Perfection of ‘I AM’, our Individualized Presence of Source.

Image of our ‘Individualized God Presence’

The Ascended Masters have provided us with a Sacred Image of our outer self and our Higher Self Presence and Consciousness. The lower part of the picture represents our outer self; the upper part represents our Individualized Presence of Source, which is the Spiritual Light Body of our Higher Consciousness Self. It is our Higher Intelligence, Source of life to our body, and always stands ready to be a Source of Perfection in our life and world when we awaken once again to our True Self and enter into deep acceptance, acknowledgement, and begin to communicate with our ‘I AM, Individualized Consciousness’ that abides within and above us.

The Ray of Light which descends from the Heart of our Divine Self, down through the top of our head, anchoring within the heart of the physical body, is the very Life, Light, Substance, Energy, Intelligence, and Activity which animates our physical body, and is the Source of our Consciousness.

When our attention is turned to our Higher I AM Consciousness and Presence, this Ray of Life, Consciousness, and Energy begins to intensify and expand within our physical body, until the Point of Light within every cell of the physical garment responds. Then the process of removing the denser qualities of the physical body begins.

The Armour of Light around our outer self is a Gift of Protection from our Spiritual Self. The Sacred Fire passing in, through, and around our outer self cleanses, purifies, and heals our mind, feelings, and physical body when we begin to daily call forth the Sacred Fire Purifying Flames from our Presence and the Ascended and Angelic Host.