The Resurrection

As individuals around the world continue to awaken and seek out Higher Knowledge and a Spiritual Path that fulfills Personal and Spiritual Enlightenment, inherent within each person is a Silent Force acting. That force is the Process and Power of Resurrection. Indeed this exists within every Path of Awakening, paths that guide us to becoming our true Spiritual Self on Earth, however this Power of Resurrection is not always recognized. Once recognized, the Resurrection Process is quickened.

The Radiant Rose Academy embraces Resurrection. Stated simply, it is a Power and Force that lifts and raises us up and out of a limiting state of consciousness that is creating problems in our lives. As we continue to awaken, making our selves instruments for greater Light and Love, Resurrection is the Power of Grace and the Force of Divine Will that lifts us into a Higher State of Consciousness where our lives become perfected and we are no longer touched by the discord and limitations of the outer world.

The Ascended Host teach us the Conscious Path of Resurrection, how to achieve it, to be raised above the discord and limitations of the outer world, and become untouched by those things. The Path of Resurrection fulfills prophecy of those who are on the Earth now, living great lives of awakening, those ones who have a Destiny waiting to be actualized, the Coming of the Untouchables. Are you one of them?