An All Encompassing Path

An all encompassing path, the Teachings of the Academy speak into the Path of the Heart, where one is compelled to face what we have done to ourselves by being separated from Love, a path where we undo all wrong beliefs, misperceptions about Love, about God, about a false sense of Self that we have taken on because we forgot who we truly are … a path of becoming whole again, a path where we discover what this absence of Love has done to ourselves and how it has acted up in every single relationship with any loved one we have ever had. It is through the power of Love and Grace of the Mother’s Presence, where one can be restored to Oneness for eternity.

No matter if you desire to go the distance in your Soul’s Evolution and Journey back to Love, or you desire to join the Academy to live a more fulfilling, happy, peaceful and enlightened Life, we warmly welcome you all to the Radiant Rose Academy.

We offer a life empowering Spiritual Educational Platform for peoples from all over the world who are seeking a greater understanding of their Consciousness and Spiritual Nature. The Academy introduces Ascended Master Teachings that come from the Ascended and Angelic Host of our Spiritual Hierarchy. Beloved Akasha and Asun are the major Teachers and Mentors in the Academy. We offer the Ancient and Secret Knowledge of the Tree of Life, assisting one to achieve Personal and Spiritual Empowerment, Enlightenment, Awakening, Resurrection, and Ascension.

Classes, Subscriptions, Events, and Membership

The Academy hosts ongoing weekly Tree of Life Classes, and the monthly Masters Classes, Living the Dream Class, and the Planetary Class. During Weekend Special Events and Seasonal Conclaves held throughout the year, the Academy offers very Specialized Focused Programs. On every page in the Events Section of the website you will find videos of the wonderful teachings and jewels of wisdom that we are all blessed with every month.

Every class/transmission is recorded and made available as an mp3 download, or mp3 CD. Unless you attend in person, the recordings of the various Classes are only available as monthly subscriptions. If you subscribe to the recordings of all 4 Classes, you can attend the live Classes free. You can subscribe to the monthly classes directly from each of the 4 Class pages in the Events Section, or from the Online Store. The Academy hosts all Classes in Vancouver BC, however most Weekend Events and Conclaves take place in various locations in North America and the United Kingdom. The Program recordings of the Weekend Events and Conclaves do not require subscription and are available in the Online Store to purchase. Presently there are 7000 Students in the world who are studying the Teachings of the Ascended Host provided by the Radiant Rose Academy.

A Members Area with wonderful benefits is also offered to those who subscribe to the Classes. Membership is free to those who subscribe to all 4 Classes. The vast knowledge, materials, and programs presented by the Academy over the past 21 years has also been published in several wonderful books, audio cd’s, downloads, and DVD’s, available in the online store and at our events. We recommend you visit the Curriculum Area, where we have classified all our material in 3 levels, Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced.