Our Academy Values

Greetings Dear Roses, Friends of the Light,

This is Usa. Last year 2019, on the 25th Anniversary of birthing Mother Akasha’s Dispensation, Mother asked me to make the Academy a lovely space and place for everyone. To begin this unfoldment, I realized I had to get clear on what I see as the Purpose, Vision, and Mission of the Radiant Rose Academy. I realized I had to get clear on what my Values are for the Academy.  After 6 months of Contemplation, and with the assistance of a Beloved Rose who helped me to get clear on what Values I seek to exemplify within the Academy, I present to you here, those Values. Whether you are an Employee, Student Member, Area Coordinator or Representative, I welcome your support in living and exemplifying our Values for the Radiant Rose Academy.

We Value the Qualities and Activities of Divine Love

We value the Heavenly Mother Beloved Akasha, the Divine Feminine, the heart and the feeling side of life, and all qualities and activities of Divine Love expressing in our lives. Consistent with the teachings of Mother Akasha, we honor the heart leading the way.

  • We are committed to embodying and expressing the 144 qualities of Divine Love, including: Integrity, Equality, Justice, Heart-Centred Listening and Communication, Compassion, Courage, Generosity, Forgiveness, and Grace.
  • We encourage our students to claim their Magdalene Power of Divine Determination and to love generously, live abundantly, dance joyfully, find and express their creative potential, and passionately fulfill their Divine Purpose with ease and grace.

We Value Divine Light, Enlightenment, Illumination and Beautiful, Thoughtful Minds

We value the Heavenly Father Beloved Asun, the Divine Masculine, the mind, wisdom, Illumination, and Enlightenment. We value developing beautiful, thoughtful minds.

  • We are committed to the greater study and understanding of our minds and brains.
  • We seek to: develop a peaceful and contemplative state of mind; engage our minds with intense and profound thinking, planning, and organizing abilities; and develop our minds to communicate effectively.
  • We value our studies of Divine Truths, Principles, and Revelations as presented by our Spiritual Hierarchy.

We Value Balanced and Integrated Hearts and Minds

We value balanced and integrated hearts and minds, understanding that we are unable to live full, joyous, and abundant lives if any part of our hearts or minds is closed and not functioning as divinely created.

  • We value our evolving teachings and the various means for purifying and healing our hearts and minds.
  • We seek to think from our hearts and feel with our minds.
  • We seek to balance activities and use of our hearts and minds by offering creative, enlightening heart-centred studies, classes, programs, and spiritual development tools.
  • We are committed to offering our students results-oriented meditations and activities that open the way for our spiritual side of life — our higher consciousness — to express through our balanced, open hearts and minds.

We Value Personal and Spiritual Empowerment that leads to Resurrection and Service

We value individual and group spiritual growth and happiness. We value the Tree of Life and Ascended Master teachings and desire to exemplify the teachings to the best of our ability in every moment.

  • We value our spiritual studies that teach the Path of Resurrection.
  • We are committed to ensuring our students have the complete teachings and means to achieve the 33 Passages of Resurrection.
  • We seek to assimilate, integrate, actualize, and demonstrate the Tree of Life and Ascended Master Teachings.
  • We are committed to the Resurrection of the Hero that is our True Self, the Grand Cosmic Being, abiding deep within our Inner Being.

We Value a Global, Spiritual Community

We value a lovely, global, spiritual community that is loving, joy-filled, peaceful, respectful, nurturing, safe, abundant, and empowering.

  • We value inclusivity and diversity and welcome students from all walks of life.
  • We desire students to feel welcome, supported, and seen.
  • We value a respectful, loving environment in all our gatherings and communications.
  • We encourage our Students to maintain clear and respectful communication with each other and to take the time to resolve any problems or misunderstandings should they arise.
  • Knowing that each word carries a vibratory pattern, we value the use of Ascended Master Communication, which uses only constructive, respectful, honoring and uplifting higher-frequency language.
  • We value and recognize the contribution of volunteers within the Academy.
  • We value an expanding student body, growing at such a pace that our student body, team members, and finances continue to flourish.
  • We value having spaces, including Internet forums and social media spaces, where the community can come together to meet new friends, celebrate, learn, and support each other.
  • We value integrity, honor, respect, and transparency in our relationships and dealings with others.
  • We value essential harmlessness and individual free will: We do not seek to impose our teachings on others.
  • We value good character and seek not to engage in criticism, condemnation, judgment, blame, and gossip. We remember that, even though the Christ may be hidden, It is always there.

We Value Planetary Service

We value and desire to be of service to the people on Earth, the Powers of Nature, the Forces of the Elements, and all Kingdoms of Life on the planet.

  • We value communicating directly to our Ascended and Angelic Host by decreeing for direct intervention to help our planet.
  • We are committed to illumining, purifying, raising, blessing, and protecting the people on Earth, the Powers of Nature, the Forces of the Elements, and all Kingdoms of Life on the planet.

We Value Excellent Products and Services

We value excellent products and services that meet or exceed the Ascended Hierarchy’s expectations.

  • We are committed to having skilled, courteous, and professional staff.
  • We are committed to offering products and services of exceptional quality and value.
  • We strive to build positive and healthy relationships with all who come in contact with us. There is no place for “us versus them” thinking.
  • We desire to listen compassionately, consider carefully, and respond graciously.
  • We value treating all we encounter with respect, honor, integrity, and dignity.
  • We value students’ feedback, ideas, and concerns and are committed to using this information to improve our products and services.
  • We strive for excellence in our business practices and are open to innovation.