My Purpose, Vision, and Mission

Greetings Dear Roses, Friends of the Light,

This is Usa. Last year 2019, on the 25th Anniversary of birthing Mother Akasha’s Dispensation, Mother asked me to make the Academy a lovely space and place for everyone. To begin this unfoldment, I realized I had to get clear on what I see as the Purpose, Vision, and Mission of the Radiant Rose Academy. After 6 months of Contemplation, and with the assistance of a Beloved Rose who helped me to get clear on what my Vision was for the Academy, I present to you here my Purpose, Vision, and Mission. Whether you are an Employee, Student Member, Area Coordinator or Representative, I welcome your support in fulfilling my Purpose, Vision, and Mission for the Radiant Rose Academy.

Our Purpose: The Heavenly Mother of the Universe, Mother Akasha, calls the Radiant Rose Academy to host the return of Her Presence and Dispensation of Divine Love, Will, and Grace to the people of Earth. She also calls Her students to be Divine Pillars of Her Love, so Her love can more gracefully enter into the consciousness of the people and the planet. This will naturally: right imbalances that have led to suffering, lack, and injustice; develop the divine feminine side of life to be fully expressed and balanced with the divine masculine; allow us to embrace an infinite Consciousness of Light and Love; and help fulfill our Divine Purpose and the Divine Plan for the Earth.

Our Vision: A world where the Heavenly Mother’s loving Presence, the Heart Realm of God, is anchored, celebrated, and exemplified; people are raised into Christ Consciousness as initiated by Jesus the Christ; and the Divine Plans for the people and the Earth are fulfilled in a Seventh Golden Age overflowing with love, abundance, justice, harmony, peace, and joy.

Our Mission: The Radiant Rose Academy delivers Mother Akasha’s Dispensation to the Earth and offers ancient Tree of Life and Ascended Master Teachings to a diverse, international student body by providing enriching, heart-centred programs and spiritual tools that lead to higher states of Enlightenment, a loving relationship with our own Divinity and the Spiritual Hierarchy, Resurrection into Christ Consciousness, Planetary Service, and, ultimately, Ascension.