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1. Sign Up for your own Student Dashboard

Once again, we welcome you to the Radiant Rose Academy. You can sign up to become a Student of the Radiant Rose Academy at no cost to you. You can also sign up to receive the Academy Newsletters.

Once you have signed up, you can log in at any time and arrive at your own Student Dashboard. Here you will have access to some free Spiritual Resources and Gems. When you are ready, you can consider subscribing to the Classes

2. Subscribe to the Academy monthly Class Subscriptions

*Tree of Life Class *Planetary Class *Living the Dream *Masters Class
On each of the four Class pages of the Subscription area of our website, you will find a ‘Subscribe Now’ box. Once you have subscribed to one or more of the monthly Class Subscriptions you can manage your Subscriptions from your Student Dashboard. When you are ready, you can consider subscribing to the Members Area, however keep in mind that when you subscribe to all four monthly Class Subscriptions, Membership is automatic and FREE.

3. Sign up for Membership in the Radiant Rose Academy

As a Class Subscriber, you can now sign up for Membership in the Academy. The Academy has available a Rose Membership and Gold Membership. Sign up for Membership in Academy area will appear in your Student Dashboard once you have subscribed to one or more classes. As a Member you will now have full access to a host of Spiritual Resources, Recordings, and Videos. Also you will receive a discount on your purchases made in the Online Store or at RRA events. Remember if you subscribe to all 4 Classes, Gold Membership is provided to you automatically, you don’t have to subscribe for Membership. Its only when you subscribe to 3 or less Classes that you have to subscribe to Rose or Gold Membership for a small monthly fee if you desire to become a Member and receive the various benefits that come with Membership.