The Academy Offers

Educational Offerings

What is the Radiant Rose Academy, and what does it offer?

The Radiant Rose Academy (RRA) is a life-empowering Spiritual Education Platform. It is available to people from all over the world, from all walks of life, and to those who come from myriad spiritual and religious backgrounds. The Academy is based in Vancouver, B.C., and currently offers events throughout Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Classes are held weekly and monthly, and are available to the Academy’s non-local student body by subscribing through this website. (We also have a YouTube channel with many free discourses available!)

RRA offers a greater understanding of Consciousness, our Spiritual Nature, Laws of Manifestation, and the Greater Powers in the Universe. The Academy introduces The Lost Knowledge of Ancient Spiritual Teachings, the Secret Knowledge of the Tree of Life, and is presently the only spiritual organization that teaches and introduces the greatest comprehension of our Soul and its Evolution.

In the Academy, we learn how to work with the Alchemy of the Sacred Fire to transform substance, matter, and form for life-changing results. Our Programs focus on Motivational Psychology, Health and Wellness and ways and means to assist Planet Earth during this tumultuous time. The knowledge provided reveals effective tools to heal ourselves, become Sovereign Beings and reverse the aging of the body. All of the educational material offered comes directly from the Ascended Masters through their messengers, Usa (Messenger #1) and Excalibur (Messenger #2).

The Ascended Master Teachings reveal to us how to end suffering and duality consciousness and how to attain mastery over our thoughts and feelings. Students are taught how to manifest our Heart’s desires and Soul’s purpose on Earth. The Teachings help us to realize and remember our true Divine Nature. They instruct us how to communicate with our own God Divinity and express its Perfection into our lives on Earth. This education offers a direct path of awakening to your own True Self.

The Academy and its teachings are not specific to any one religion or philosophy. It offers the pure essence that is the foundation of all Spiritual Teachings and is based upon Universal Wisdom and the Truth of Life. Just as important, it helps us to actualize all that we are taught – or, better said, it helps us to simply remember. For, within us all abides the Universal Truth of Life that only requires to be awakened and remembered, rather than learned.

Where do I begin?

Tree of Life Class
Whether you are a Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced in your own Awakening, we recommend you begin with — and always keep listening to — the ongoing weekly Tree of Life Classes. These classes, taught by Mother Akasha, offer the Sacred Teachings of the Tree of Life, and contain the foundations and fundamentals of connecting inwardly in various forms of Meditation so that you can begin to make contact with your Divine Nature and Higher Consciousness. The Tree of Life classes greatly help us to feel connected and illumined and are full of insights, enlightenment, wisdom, spiritual tools, and offer a variety of meditations. These Classes keep expanding in beautiful ways and will keep you rooted on your path.

Living the Dream Class
Once you have integrated the weekly Tree of Life Classes to your schedule, your next step us to subscribe to the monthly Living the Dream Class with Mother Akasha’s Twin Flame, Master Asun (also known as Father Asun, and, as some like to call him, Papa Asun). In this Class, Master Asun helps us with all the daily stuff that concerns our lives. In a humor-filled, highly relatable, and sometimes even cheeky fashion, Asun offers insight on Health and Wellness and teaches us how to internalize our thoughts and feelings so that they may give us greater Victory in all that we wish to achieve regarding our hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Planetary & Masters Classes
These two classes are the final courses to integrate into your regular monthly curriculum and offer valuable, next-level insights and tools for assisting the Planet’s and your own Evolution.

Planetary Class
If you are ready to step up and help our Planet, the Powers of Nature and the Forces of the Elements, you will love subscribing to our monthly Planetary Class. In this course, members of the Ascended Host reveal to us how we really can be a force for helping our Planet, and how we can cooperate with our Ascended and Angelic Spiritual Hierarchy for important Planetary Interventions.

Masters Class
There are two Masters Classes per month. In this advanced course, we dive deeper into truths and tools for working more closely with the Great Ascended Host to benefit our own lives and the world.

Conclaves, Covenants & Weekend Events
Many students are unable to travel to the Conclaves, Covenants and other Weekend Events we hold throughout the year. You may purchase recordings of these events through this website, and that is a wonderful way to connect your awareness to the Gifts and Insights the Ascended Host offer during these powerful occasions.

For Local and Visiting Students

Local and visiting students who attend the weekly and monthly classes in person, we thank you! These classes couldn’t happen without your presence. Did you know that included with each student’s online class subscription is free admission to those same in-person classes? This means that if you are a student who normally subscribes to the class online, you can attend the same class live, for free when you are visiting us in Vancouver! Conversely, if you are a local student, your online subscription means that you will receive both a digital recording of the class so you may go back and listen to it again, or, in case you are unable to attend in person for some reason, you will stay caught up. There is also a slightly lower cost to subscribing to the classes online than paying each time at the door, which makes it the most economical way for local students to participate.

A Final Note to Share With You!

The Ascended Masters are our temporary guides and mentors who are here to help us remember our own Sovereignty. There is no Being you are asked to worship or follow in these courses. You are encouraged at all times to develop your own Spiritual Nature, and to love your own God Divinity that abides within and above you.