The Academy Offers

What is the Radiant Rose Academy and what does it offer?

The Academy is a life empowering Spiritual Educational Platform for peoples from all over the world. It offers a greater understanding of Consciousness, our Spiritual Nature, Laws of Manifestation, the Greater Powers in the Universe, the Evolution of the Soul, and teaches us how to use the Sacred Alchemy of the Sacred Fire to transform substance, matter, and form. The Academy offers Programs with a focus on Motivational Psychology as well as Health and Wellness. The knowledge provided reveals means and ways to heal ourselves, become Sovereign Beings and how to reverse the aging of the body.

The Ascended Master Teachings include a focus upon personal empowerment, consciousness, awareness, self-realization, enlightenment, metaphysics, and meditation, and teaches how to end suffering, duality, and how to attain mastery over our thoughts and feelings; how to manifest our Heart’s desires and Soul’s purpose on Earth. The Teachings assist us greatly in  achieving our Path of Awakening and living lives of greater Freedom and Mastery.

The Academy introduces The Lost Knowledge of Ancient Spiritual Teachings, the Secret Knowledge of the Tree of Life and presently is the only spiritual organization that teaches and introduces the greatest comprehension of our Soul and its Evolution.

The Academy and its teachings are not specific to any one religion or philosophy, It offers us the pure essence of the Universal Wisdom and Truth of Life that is the Source of all Spiritual Teachings and helps us to actualize all that we are taught, or better said, simply remembered…because within us all abides the Universal Truth of Life, it only requires to be awakened…remembered.

The Teachings help us to realize and remember our true Divine Nature, and higher aspects of our self, how to communicate with our Higher Nature and express its Perfection into our lives on Earth.

Where do I begin?

No matter if you are a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced in your own awakening, we recommend you start and always keep listening to the ongoing weekly Tree of Life Classes. Subscribing to these classes with Mother Akasha  offers you the Sacred Teachings of the Tree of Life, and teaches us how to connect inwardly in various forms of Meditation to make contact with our Divine Nature and Higher Consciousness.  The weekly Tree of Life class offers great fundamentals to build a strong spiritual foundation for a Spiritual Path of absolutely Victory.

The Tree of Life classes offer tremendous keys to Personal and Spiritual Empowerment and Divine Assistance in our lives, they help us greatly to feel connected and illumined and are full of insights, enlightenment, wisdom, spiritual tools, and offer a variety of meditations. These Classes always keep expanding in beautiful way.

Once you have become accustomed to the Tree of Life Classes, your next step might be to subscribe to the monthly  ‘Living the Dream Class’ with Master Asun. In this Class, Master Asun helps us with all the daily stuff in our lives. He teaches us how to internalize our thoughts and feelings in a way that we have greater victory in all that we wish to achieve… our hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Next, if you are really ready to step up and help our Planet, the Powers of Nature and the Forces of the Elements, you might like to subscribe to our monthly Planetary Class where some of the Ascended Host come and teach us how we really can be a force for helping our Planet, and how we can cooperate with our Ascended and Angelic Spiritual Hierarchy for Planetary Intervention.

And finally, we have our 4th Class, the Masters Class and there are 2 of them a month. In this advanced class we study with some of the Great Ascended Host who come to offer us the Ascended Masters Teachings.

A final note to share with you!

A final note to share with you: there is no Being you are asked to worship or follow. You are encouraged at all times to develop your own Spiritual Nature, to love your own God Divinity that abides within and above you. The Masters are our temporary guides and mentors.