Health and Wellness

For everyone, Health and Wellness is important to achieve and maintain. Unfortunately the food chain produced by modern day agriculture has become compromised, and more often we must rely on supplementing our physical health with natural food supplements, vitamins, and more.

As our Spiritual Hierarchy teach us of the power of our physical bodies to heal and transform, it is important we become educated as to how this can be accomplished. The Academy offers a number of Programs that speak into the Healing and Transformation of our physical body. The Academy Alchemy Class offers ongoing Teachings that address the Sacred Alchemy of a Healthy Body Metabolism. Master Asun encourages us to use the best that medical science offers, and complement that with Holistic Medicine, and to attain the health benefits that Spiritual Awakening and Practice offers.

Asun teaches us the combined Power of Medical Healing, Holistic Healing, and Spiritual Healing; A combination he encourages us to embrace as required. The Master suggests too that the physical body has the ability to throw off the aging process. As we discover the Source of the Fountain of Youth, that being the Great Love Flame in our hearts when that Flame is activated, he suggests that supplementing our health with Natural Health Products is vitally important. Of the thousands of Health Supplement Products available in Health Food Stores, Asun identifies a handful of Health Supplements most important to our Health and Wellness.

The Radiant Rose Academy and Finlandia Natural Pharmacy have collaborated in creating those Health Supplements that Asun has identified as most important in achieving Health and Wellness and those that can reverse the aging process of the physical body. Many of these Supplements have the ability to treat the entire Body Metabolism to achieve optimum Health and Youthfulness. If you click on the Academy Catalog on this page you can read about those Health Supplements that Asun suggests are most important for us to take. Those Supplements are available to purchase in the Online Store.