Motivational Psychology

The Academy offers many Motivational Psychology Programs that offer deep comprehensive study and understanding of our mind and its functions and how our mind affects our feelings and emotional behaviour. All programs offered can move us into right use of our minds, restoration of lost will and reveal how we can impact our reality in a positive dynamic way. We begin to understand the relationship between our mental and emotional bodies and how we can make our minds and feelings creative forces for all that we desire and require for healthy joyful living.

We discover right use of the Power of Qualification, the Power of Suggestion, and the Power of Vision and how to shift into clear thinking and powerful positive feelings with a Sheer Force of Determination. We realize our ability to change what we are thinking and feeling, and then quickly change what we are experiencing.

Healing our minds of harmful limiting beliefs and thought patterns, ways to heal our emotional bodies of deep wounds and hurts, how to elevate ourselves out of depression into the joyful internal experience of peace and harmony, and how to build and achieve our hopes, dreams, and aspirations are included in the Motivational Psychology Programs offered by the Academy.

Here is a sampling of the Programs that you can find in the Curriculum or Online Store:

  • A Beautiful Life
  • A Dazzling Mind
  • Loving Life and Living Forward
  • The Power of Intentioning
  • Reach! Levels One through Five
  • Saying Yes to Life