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Whatever you judge about another individual, you register within yourself

Mar 8, 2021 | Ascended Master Quotes

Whatever you judge about another individual, you register within yourself

 We have talked about the emotional body. We would like you to realize its nature, as a vibratory body of magnetic light, love, and energy, with its own qualities. It is a body of great magnetic quality, which you use as part of your human existence. You have an incredible feeling side of life. Whatever you think, judge and feel intensely about another individual, you register upon your own feeling body. This is so because you use your own feelings to feel the thing you judge in another. If you look upon the things you observe in the world, or watch your newscasts to see what is going on in the world about you, and you feel pain and make a judgment about what you see, you open your feeling body to the qualities of those things you are viewing. Not realizing the power of suggestion, you imprint what you are accepting into your own feeling body. When you look upon your rulers, leaders or dictators with disdain or emotion, you attach those judgments to your own feelings.

If you cannot look upon these individuals, situations or circumstances with simple observation and compassion, and without attachment (in which case you’ll be free), again I say you will imprint your judgments upon your own vibrational feeling body. When you look upon whatever is going on in other people’s lives and it creates judgmental emotion within you, you thereby run this emotion through your feelings, and it is impossible now that what you judge and feel, not to become part of your own feeling side of life.

Therefore, if you judge another as being a terrible individual, or a loveless or hateful individual, you actually judge against yourself. When you judge your employer, when you place a judgment of whatever nature on another, you imprint it upon your own feeling nature, and now that very quality is a part of your emotional body. Whatever judgment you are feeling cannot be felt without internalizing, without internal dialogue, which is why we urge you to not judge another human being. When you judge another, you create an internal dialogue within yourself and you are good at doing it spontaneously, and very quick at forgetting that everything that you internalize becomes a part of you.

As you see or experience something that upsets you and you judge it, it becomes part of you. Everything that you think and feel when internalized by you, will also become anchored in your vibratory mental body, physical structure and feeling body, which are incredible vibratory systems of consciousness. It is impossible for you to judge another without placing and printing in your own feeling body, the judgment you have placed upon the other. Then somewhere in your life, you are compelled to act the same quality towards another person, unless you are involved in some kind of therapeutic release work. This is a truth that many do not wish to accept; this is why you are urged to give up all judgment. Humanity must come to observe the world with compassion but without attachment. Attachment creates judgment, which then becomes part of you.

Excerpted from: Lovers Path to Enlightenment