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When you are creating a place for knowingness…

Mar 1, 2021 | Ascended Master Quotes

How does your true nature come forth? By allowing yourself a time in your lives where you will suspend all of your core beliefs, thereby creating a place for knowingness. When you move into that place, this is a bridge for transformation, where you will simply believe nothing, where you will have no beliefs about anything. In doing this, you are creating a place for knowingness. In this space, you do not have to believe anything, instead, you know. This need not be a long time so do not be concerned, it is simply a transition. Allow yourself to be re-taught by the Master Presence that is within your heart. That Presence will lead you to the right book, to the right person, the right partner, the right channel, to the right place or the right music. You are creating a space within your consciousness for knowingness. When you suspend your core beliefs, then you get out of the head and you create a space for things to change. You can begin to recognize and affirm:

“Yes. All right, I create my reality. I accept this and I accept this without any form of guilt of what has been. I simply accept that I create my reality. Now, I know I am responsible through my thoughts, my feelings, and all the structures that exist within consciousness, of how I affect my reality. I withdraw the power of my attention from those things that limit my experience. Engaging in anxiety and worry will create a limited experience in my world. I withdraw the power I have given things to limit me. I suspend judgment. I suspend all of my core beliefs. Furthermore, now I understand this world is one of illusion, it does not have laws to maintain or sustain limiting appearances; therefore I can change my creations and what I experience in my world.” 

In the moment that you change a thing, you can understand it was illusion in the first place. Then we move on to comprehend there is neither good nor bad appearances, and that these are simply human qualifications. Who told you it was bad? Who told you it was good? Where did you accept this belief in your mind? We urge you to allow yourselves to move into that place and space, which is one of giving up judgment. Realize the world has fallen into a belief in two powers and this is what the world experiences. You know inherently and your heart knows what is right and wrong for you. As you follow what is right and wrong for you, and as you follow what is right action for you, then a belief in the power of good and bad is not only not necessary, but also no longer constructive.

It has been said that when you judge another, you truly judge yourself. How many truly understand why that is so? How many truly know that when you place a judgment on another, you actually judge against yourself? Moreover, how many understand the actual mechanics and science of this?

Excerpted from: Lovers Path to Enlightenment