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World Vision Meditation: A Vision for Humanity

Feb 3, 2021 | Meditations

Mother Akasha | December 9, 2020 Tree of Life Class

World Vision Meditation: A Vision for Humanity

We enter into a vision for the world, for the people of the world, and in this World Vision Meditation, we start with the truth. We are grateful we are awakening. We are grateful to know that that part of ourselves that is invisible, ‘I’ in the midst of me, that part of me is the Infinite Individualization of Mother-Father God. It is the best part of me. ‘I’ in the midst of me. It is that ‘I’ that was One with the Father in Jesus’ life. In this World Vision Meditation, I speak from that centrepiece of my own inner sanctum, from the ‘I’ that I AM, knowing the Truth, that this Mighty ‘I’ that abides within me at the centre of my Consciousness, that that same ‘I,’ the Individualization of the Divine Father abides at the centre consciousness of every person on Earth, and those waiting for embodiment. Through the Consciousness I AM, I can commune with the consciousness of the people of Earth. In my own present evolution, I cannot be everywhere, but Life can be everywhere. Air is everywhere, and like air so is my own Consciousness. In air there are mighty movements and changes, yet air is all part of each other, and my Consciousness is like the air that is everywhere, and from my Consciousness, and through the air activity, I speak into the heart and mind of the people of Earth.

I urge you to know that you are loved. You are not left alone, there is a Presence that is so precious within each of you. I say to the people of Earth, ‘I AM’ in you is the same ‘I AM’ in every person of God. We are Everywhere, and we are God Individualized, and us, the ‘I AM,’ all of us, we seek to come forth, to release your life from the prisons and chains of the outer world. To the people of Earth, withdraw your eyes from the outer world, and look within, and know the truth that you are loved, that it is time to stop placing human qualities on God. God loves you, and the essentials of your Being, of your Soul, your Spirit, seek to be liberated everywhere.

Oh, people of Earth, spread your wings and rise up. Let not the world make you small at this hour. Expand upon the wings of peace and harmony. Know that throughout the Universe is the Greater. People of Earth, know that you are Spiritual Beings, know that you can turn through your Soul to the Heavenly Father and the Heavenly Mother, and ask for guidance, for food, for shelter, for healing, for peace. Beloved precious citizens of the world, ‘I AM’ in me is the same Presence in you, everywhere forever, and together ‘I AM’ goes out before us, to gather unto you all that is required, all the necessities of your life.

People of Earth let not the world hypnotize you, rather, withdraw your attention back to your families, your homes, your God, your animals, your loved ones. Know that Angels are real. Welcome them into your lives. Lift and raise your hearts. Give up your judgments upon each other and know that within every one of you there is a sacred path, and it is a path that leads to home, to whatever that concept might be in your mind. It is a path that leads you back to your everything.

People of the world, I AM All, and I AM Everything, and I AM within you and around you. Together let us look within and let us look up. People of the world together let us make our lives a Holy Grail, and receive the abundance of God’s treasures, flowing into our lives — food, healthy water, a home for everyone. Withdraw your arms, and know, people of the world, there is a sacred place within your hearts, an inner sanctum within your consciousness. You are all Spiritual Infinite Beings, and together with Beings of Light and Love from beyond, we have come to rebuild this world.

And gently return your awareness back to the outer room.