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You have every reason beloved ones to seek true happiness and joy…

Jul 14, 2020 | Reflections by Asun

There are forces in your world that think they are smart and have the idea that they will control this Planet, the people and the Elements and all other Creatures – but I say unto you – They are about to be disillusioned for they will see the Power of Light in Action, the Forces of Love in action, the Creations of the Sacred Fire in Action and they will know that they have lost all their seeming power, for truly the Light of God NEVER fails, the Love of Goddess ALWAYS fulfills – YOU are that Light – YOU are that Love and YOU are quickly becoming the WORD of God NOW MADE MANIFEST, that whatsoever thou decreeth unto the Mighty I AM GOD Presence of your own Life, the Presence in the Physical Sun, the Infinite I AM GOD PRESENCE in the Great Central Sun so shall it be manifest unto you. Now feel the reality of this…what you feel, you make real!

You have every reason beloved ones to seek true happiness and joy. Experiencing true happiness and joy with every beat of your heart and every breath of your life. You are beautiful Right Now in this moment.

How many news stations – how many broadcasts in today’s 24 hour news cycle have told you, said unto you, spoke unto you that you are beautiful, you are a being of light, you are a being of love AND did they say also – I love you? I love you for who you are. I love you for what you are. I love you just the way you are. How many of you turned on your devices and felt the heart that come through them? Nay 99% of it is all panic and fear, doubt and confusion – just to draw upon your attention and usurp your energy that aught to be going back in worship in Love, in Adoration to your own Great God Presence.

Let my words become Eternal Wisdom within you and let my vibrations and frequencies from now on Increase in all of you. For I will seek to cause you to BE a Sun’s Presence of Indestructible Love and Peace of my Cosmic Heart Flame of my Love!

You are blessed more than you know and though your mind, your intellect might  still once in a while have thoughts contrary to my words – yet soon your Heart Flame will unite FULLY with the 7 Fold Flame in the brain and will cause the mind to know with absolute certainty and in declaration with absolute knowingness….

You are the Essence of Love itself, try never to forget that…Asun