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Your relationship with Nature to assist to strengthen your light in your body

May 7, 2020 | Reflections by Asun

Today Beloved Hearts I reflect upon how you can Strengthen the Light in your body…
I have invited the great Goddess of Nature and one of the Gods of the Mountains – the God Tabor to be with me.

The Goddess of Nature as you have been taught in previous discourses – within the Powers of Nature and the Forces of the Elements is the Impersonal I AM of God

Nature that responds to a sentient race, intelligent race living upon a planet…Nature “responds” to the love you offer them.

Your Higher Discerning Intelligence has all the records of your life of every single moment and every breath you have taken. The Goddess of Nature is going to access that record for every moment in your life since you were born – every lovely thought that you had about nature and of course those times that you commanded blessings, command your own heart flame to pour love to the powers of nature and the forces of the elements, called to the great angelic host, to the Maha Chohan to bless them and to relieve them through the use of God’s Violet Purifying Flame of all discord imposed upon them.

The Goddess of Nature is amazing in her power, in her all compassion. She has the ability to teach you how every element of nature responds to you. She will breathe into all your records of your relationship with nature – every lovely thought that you have had. She is going to take all of it from each of you and she is going to pour Her Nature Flame Love of Nature into that and send it back out into the powers of nature and the forces of the elements as a great blessing to life.

For God Tabor you may go back a few years to those discourses where the Masters – especially the Gods of the Mountains, and Beloved Leto talked to you about the importance of the mountain ranges or of one Grand Mountain where no range seems to be…

The Gods of the Mountains – it is their responsibility to maintain a mighty Cosmic Blue Lightning and Cosmic Electronic Force within the mountain ranges. It has a triple intension to it…

1. Through the mountain ranges this becomes a strength and power of Light that helps to stabilize the inner structure of your planet.
2. That radiation of Light that the mountains give off seeks to stabalize and strengthen the atmosphere.
3. That mighty Electronic Force or what we say “That Strength of Light” that the mountains give off was always intended to be a blessing to the people who live on the planet – specifically their physical bodies.

Let’s take a moment, let’s be conscious of our spine. Sit back in your chair, be conscious of your spine, help the body Feel your spine you may even want to feel it with your hand for a moment.

Know that your Spine – of course is part of your skeletal structure – but your Spine is intended to do the same thing to your body as the mountain ranges do in terms of strengthening the planet with the power of light and electronic force.

I bless my Spine, the physical Spine of my body I welcome the Goddess of Nature and God Tabor and all the Gods of the Mountains to come and strengthen that mighty electronic force from my I AM God Presence and from the mountains.

Strengthen and draw that electronic force, that strength of light into the base of my Spine. Rising up to the base of my brain and throughout the skeletal structure of my physical body. I am eternally grateful to the Great Goddess and I offer my heart’s love to her.

We call upon the Great Love Flame in our heart – infinite in measure, to pour millions and millions of love rays specifically to the powers of nature and the forces of the elements this day.