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Beloved Asun: Create your own world exactly as you choose it to be

Apr 6, 2021 | Ascended Master Quotes

Create your own world exactly as you choose it to be

There are great divine interventions of love and light projecting on to the Earth at this hour, to help you shift into a higher frequency of joy, of love, and of light. These celestial gifts will help you transform yourselves with ease and grace. Do not be too concerned with what is going on in the farther reaches of your world, be more concerned with making your own world exactly as you choose it to be; know this, your choice for life, when constructive, will affect the world at large most positively. If you are deeply concerned with things on your planet, then perhaps you could get yourselves together and do something about it, if you are so prompted. Otherwise, do not waste your time understanding what is going on in war torn places, where there is great tragedy playing itself out upon your planet. It is better to put these kinds of conditions in your prayers, requesting intervention from the forces of light that can change those conditions.

If there is pain within you when you look upon your newscasts and you see the travesty that is playing itself out on this planet, Dear Heart, that pain is within you, understand? It is not within the images the television set is projecting. It is not a pain for those who are suffering out in your worlds. What you are seeing is mirroring and simply reflecting a deeper pain that you are holding within yourself. Because if you are truly concerned with what is going on in war or poverty raging conditions in the world, and it was right for you to do something about it, you would have that inner prompting within, and you would take action.

There are some fully conscious beings that are on your planet that are not ascended yet, and whose light is making a great difference to the rest of the world. Then there are some that wake up for hours and go back to sleep for hours–the hypnosis lifts and then it comes down again. It is fine, that is part of the process of awakening in this world, understand?

Now, it is not enough to only experience a great love, joy and peace in your meditations, in the privacy of your own homes and your sanctuaries, but also allow yourself to try to experience those feelings when you are out in the world.

You are truly a spiritual being of love, light, beauty, intelligence and perfection, and it is now time to experience yourselves as such. It is timely for you to be willing to understand that you have simply allowed yourself to be hypnotized. Desire those veils to be lifted now! When you allow yourself to move into a place to not believe a thing, to have no opinions for a while, you allow a great gift to emerge forth into your mental and feeling side of life. This gift comes from the heart centre, and it is a gift of knowingness. It is a place where you simply know a thing. When you know a thing is right or wrong for you, no longer in your world would there be right or wrong. There will simply be what is right and what is wrong for you in your life. What will benefit you in your own evolution? As an evolving Master, you dare not speak for another as to what is right for them, unless they ask for your guiding light. You are divinely guided, each one of you, if you desire it and open your heart to receive.

You are part of a great spiritual transformation of consciousness, an amazing transformation that is about to play itself out in the coming years on your planet. Know that God is a living and powerful Presence in your heart that can transform your world. If you believe in yourself and others, and care for the Planet Earth being that supports you, then take a moment to acknowledge this. Take five minutes of your day to turn your attention towards others and your planet, and pour forth your love and blessings, this too will make a huge difference in your life. Indeed.

I offer you my love and light, for I Am Asun and I Am Ascended and Free!