Love Gifts

The Radiant Rose Academy provides, Bursaries, and Health Supplements to some of our Students during times of greater need and necessity. While the Teachings support Students to shift into a Prosperity and Abundance Consciousness, we recognize those times in which Students require some extra assistance.

Thank You for Your Warm Generosity

It is the generous contributions and donations from Students, that allows the Academy to help other Students during difficult times. Contributions are also used for the growth and expansion of Mother Akasha’s wonderful Dispensation of the Rose Pink Flames and Rays of Divine Love, that all Life may one day remember the Love of the Mother’s Presence from whence we came!

Thank you for your warm generosity and open heart, and for leaving a legacy that will continue to make a noticeable positive difference in this world. May the Hand of Grace of our Heavenly Mother and Father be always upon your Path!

Monthly Sponsorship

To Subscribe and become a Monthly Sponsor of the Academy Love Gifts account, select your amount below and proceed. By becoming a Monthly Sponsor, the amount you select will become a recurring billing once a month on your credit card. You may cancel Subscription at any time. We thank you for your generosity.

One Time Love Gift

To make a one time love gift to the Academy, select your amount below and proceed. We thank you for your generosity.