Welcome to the Radiant Rose Academy

The Radiant Rose Academy offers a complete spiritual education assisting us to awaken to our innate Divine State of Consciousness, that we may achieve Spiritual Illumination and Enlightenment in this life. The Academy anchors the teachings of the Ancient Schools of Inner Wisdom, the Ascended Master Teachings, and Mother Akasha’s Tree of Life Teachings, our most direct path to achieving Christ Consciousness.

Get ready to embody life-changing miraculous realizations and revelations on a Spiritual Path that offers expanding the Love of our Hearts, the Illumining of our Minds, and Evolution of our Soul. Welcome to a Path of greater joy, inner peace and fulfillment.

All our Classes and Events are held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Presently we have students (whom we affectionately call ‘Roses’) who have joined the Academy online from 37 countries.