Where do I begin?

Welcome to Radiant Rose Academy

The Radiant Rose Academy offers a complete spiritual education assisting us to awaken to our innate Divine State of Consciousness, that we may achieve Spiritual Illumination and Enlightenment in this life. The Academy anchors the teachings of the Ancient Schools of Inner Wisdom, the Ascended Master Teachings, and Mother Akasha’s Tree of Life Teachings, our most direct path to achieving Christ Consciousness.

Get ready to embody life-changing miraculous realizations and revelations on a Spiritual Path that offers expanding the Love of our Hearts, the Illumining of our Minds, and Evolution of our Soul. Welcome to a Path of greater joy, inner peace and fulfillment.

All our Classes and Events are held in Vancouver, British Columbia. Presently we have students (whom we affectionately call ‘Roses’) who have joined the Academy online from 37 countries.

It costs nothing to join. It’s free and simple!

Start by creating your own personal account, which gives you access to a Student Dashboard that offers a host of teaching materials all for free! Resources found in the Student Dashboard are not found in the public area of the website, they are only available in the login area.

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“That message from Father Asun was absolutely the best message we ever received in all these years. We are going to listen again. This version of Father Asun where He as a Heavenly Father speaks to the world is our favorite version of Asun, compared to when he seems to be speaking to the Vancouver group. We also loved the Lord’s Prayer song that really honors Father Asun, and the last song played about Walking with God, left us all on a high note.”


My husband and I came to Conclave and the Radiant Rose Academy, straight from Russia, so it was a long time journey but also a life changing one. To all the Beloved Hearts all over the world listening to the classes and events, there is nothing so profound and magical like being there in person! Being there in the Presence of the Masters, sharing this transformation with other Roses – it brings a true change of heart. You will never be the same after attending a Radiant Rose Academy Event.


The dictation was so incredible. I will listen to it again and again. I feel that way about all the dictations in this month of June on Friday. Just amazing and so personalized. I loved the Brahms Lullaby afterwards and the song that followed. The healing tones of those songs have a way of reaching right in and are part of the healing that happens on these Fridays.


Syracuse, NY

What’s my next step?

Now that you have your own Student Dashboard, perhaps you can consider taking any or all of the Academy’s ongoing Classes.

Tree of Life Class

Most Wednesdays Mother Akasha presents the Tree of Life Teachings

Living the Dream

Once a month, hosted by Lord Asun

Planetary Class

Ascended and Planetary Host, the Gods of the Elements and of the Elemental Beings

Masters Class

Once a month two Masters offer the Ascended Masters Teachings

You can attend the Classes in person. The Class Recordings are only available by Subscription and are offered as an Audio Download or by CD. You can subscribe to the classes individually or to all 4. Subscribing to all 4 Classes comes with benefits such as a 15% discount in our online store!