Living the Dream

Helps us maneuver through life with greater happiness, empowerment and success.

Once you have integrated the weekly Tree of Life Classes to your schedule, your next step is to subscribe to the monthly Living the Dream Class with Mother Akasha’s Twin Flame, Master Asun (also known as Father Asun, and as some like to call him Papa Asun). In this Class, Master Asun helps us with all the daily stuff that concerns our lives. In a humor-filled, highly relatable, and sometimes even cheeky fashion, Asun offers insight on Health and Wellness and teaches us how to internalize our thoughts and feelings so that they may give us greater Victory in all that we wish to achieve regarding our hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Available by Subscription or Come in Person

There is one 90 minute class every month. Admission is $25, tax included. Tickets are sold at the door. Subscription price is $19. Admission is free if you Subscribe to the Living the Dream Class. Class recordings are also included in the subscription. Come join us!

Gold Membership

Subscribe to all 4 Classes and automatically be enrolled in the Gold Membership Plan that offers 15% Discount on most of our Products and gives you access to a host of Spiritual Resources found in the Student Dashboard.

Living the Dream

Monthly Classes
$19/per month

Discover And Experience…

  • The difference between reacting and responding
  • The difference between free will and applying your personal will
  • How to meet the daily life challenges with greater success
  • How to live from a place of inner peace and happiness
  • How to use your Power of Intention and Attention
  • How to honour and heal our past
  • Ways to find and express greater Joy in your life

Receive The Answers…

  • What is the Nature of our Consciousness
  • How do I apply the Law of Mind… “what I conceive, I can achieve”
  • How do I apply the Law of Heart… “what I feel, I make real”
  • What are the Inherent Laws of Life within our Consciousness
  • Ways that we can work with those Laws for happy and successful living
  • How does one live a meaningful life
  • Ways to determine and honour our values
  • About powerful forces active in our lives when we ‘show up’